Ban Lifted

After more then a year piRATS have lifted their ban against me and replaced it by a ejecting policy. One member of their security forces is made free to concentrate 24 hours a day on me to follow my moves. It must be the involvement of the French in the Libian war, they can no longer pretend to free the Libian people and ban on the other hand people on their own holy French soil.

I accept this freedom as nothing more then normal, being send out for all these time had not any justification by these selfacclaimed judges.

As we also see a lot of performances in piRATS lately maybe they realised themselves that this is the only just path to follow. The days of rl paintings on virtual walls are a dead end anyway. If Newbab needs me to destroy the useless buildings there I offer my help.

Will CARP and CAERLEON and IBM and IMMERSIVA, KELLY YAP and UMTS do the same?


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