The Impromptu Liars

CarolinaAmber Weston: Can I help you with something? and whatever that purple stuff is pls take it down you’re covering up my whole area
SaveMe Oh: i read something about impromptu
SaveMe Oh: this it is
CarolinaAmber Weston: no hun we had our impromtu show:) ty tho
SaveMe Oh: I am too late?
CarolinaAmber Weston: yes:) the singer just left
CarolinaAmber Weston: we’ll have a open mic night later in the week if you’d like to come back then:)
CarolinaAmber Weston: we only do live events:)
SaveMe Oh: me too
CarolinaAmber Weston: great, if you’d like to be put on the list for the open mic night I can add you now:)
CarolinaAmber Weston: long as you have your own stream, we’ll stream you:)
SaveMe Oh: I perform inworld, without stream, conventions or lists
SaveMe Oh: just when I’m in the mood
CarolinaAmber Weston: 🙂 sounds good, when we have the event up for open mic we’ll let you know and make sure you get a invite
 SaveMe Oh: ok
CarolinaAmber Weston: our events for the day are over though so I’m gonna hvae to ask you to unrezz the toys and go on about your way:)
SaveMe Oh: you sound like someone who wants to play the boss, not the best vibe, see you
SaveMe Oh: I rest my case

11 thoughts on “The Impromptu Liars

  1. [12:27] CarolinaAmber Weston: because it wasn’t a impromtu event for YOU if you’d read the notices it ANNOUNCED the impromtu artist..and it wasn’t you, lol..its a shame because someone doesn’t get their way shows up uninvited, and asked to follow the venue’s RULES they throw a temper tantrum online..too funny.
    [12:28] CarolinaAmber Weston: also..because you took what I said and used it in a open forum without my permission OUT of second life..I’m reporting you for TOS guideline infractions.
    [12:29] SaveMe Oh: they dont have anything to say what I put on extern blogs
    [12:29] SaveMe Oh: but go ahead if you must
    [12:29] SaveMe Oh: boss and snitch in one, fine world
    [12:30] SaveMe Oh: thought you wera into arts
    [12:30] SaveMe Oh: but look more you are in security
    [12:31] SaveMe Oh: you send me an invitation
    [12:31] SaveMe Oh: remember?
    [12:31] CarolinaAmber Weston: and I thought maybe you could read, the notice’s said NOTHING about the general public showing up and plopping their ASS on my stage. You came in here like you owned the place and that is what I’m pissed about I plan ALL events up here and don’t let ppl just come and go as they feel. You don’t pay for my sim or my business. I told you WHEN the public venue time is. you didn’t adhere to it..that’s your fault not mine…
    [12:32] CarolinaAmber Weston: when the Open Mic night takes PLACE invites go out THAT day
    [12:32] SaveMe Oh: And i am a performance artist who don’t care what you arrange or not arrange
    [12:32] SaveMe Oh: nothing personal
    [12:34] CarolinaAmber Weston: and I don’t care what you do, long as it isn’t on my sim without permission every event in this gallery and on this land is PLANNED, the ONLY impromtu was for LaidBack Celt, it said it in the notices..not a free for all for just anyone. If you don’t want to follow MY schedule’s then that’s your problem. I make the plans around here, as do my planners
    [12:34] SaveMe Oh: I know it’s my problem, thats why I do it this way
    [12:35] SaveMe Oh: Until we are free
    [12:35] CarolinaAmber Weston: I PAY for this sim so I control what happens on it..that’s it and all..It was never anything PERSONAL till you openly slandered me and broke the guidelines
    [12:36] SaveMe Oh: the ones who pays decides?
    [12:36] SaveMe Oh: the one who is rich owns?
    [12:36] SaveMe Oh: It’s a way of seeing the world
    [12:37] CarolinaAmber Weston: I OWN the sim..not you so until you start coughing up 400 bucks usd to me a month you can decide what I do on MY sim…till then stop twisting everything I say, you’re not doing anything but using a psycho’d redention of reverse psychology on the wrong person lol
    [12:38] SaveMe Oh: I love to do what I want on sims others payed 400 bucks a month for.
    [12:39] CarolinaAmber Weston: and you won’t be doing it here, again have a nice day.
    [12:39] SaveMe Oh: I also don’t have the intention as the place was not nice enough

  2. I also received the group notice about this impromptu performance and it said it was by Laidback Celt. I didn’t see you mentioned. I read from what you posted that you antagonized a sim owner who pays good money for a sim in SL. clap clap for you. I hope you can read sarcasm because this reader is no longer going to read your blog because of it. What a shame that to get hits to your blog you feel the need to go harass others. I don’t know this sim owner personally, but I’m going to get to know her after this, she at least seems to have some sense, and was quite pleasant to you even though you continued to try to set her off. Go back to grade school, learn to read. Or at least learn how not to twist the words of others.

  3. [13:34] CarolinaAmber Weston: Reported to Linden Labs for breaking of TOS Guidelines and griefing as well as this toon and every alt estate banned.
    [13:36] SaveMe Oh: you will be rewarded with the medal of honor for sure

  4. Oh whooo Save, You are the source of a new romance. You have brought two wonderful people together: CaronlinaAmber ( my gosh what a name) and Jerry, this might be the beginning of something very beautiful. The can cuddle together at that very expensive sim.
    The Lindens for sure know how to appreciate that. You will be forgiven.

  5. You know I am a postiljon d’amour, as soon as others also start to realise that we will have worldwide peace and love.
    One day even Josina and Merlina will ask me to marry them, so you better hurry up.

  6. Dear Saveme,
    Are you proposing to me again?………. I hope this time you only propose to me and I don’t have to compete with Jayjay. With an original love poem this time, not one you googled and copied from the internet. A love poem with some effort and beautiful words sprung from your heart. Then we can have a wonderful marriage, we might even consider to ask Merlina and Josina as our bride-maids and we all will be happy again. Maybe we can have this impromptus ceremony at CarolinaAmber’s sim ( I have still difficulties with her name… ouch, she can’t even blame her parents giving it to her) , because she has forgiven you for your impromptus performance. Okay, I confess , I had to look up the meaning of this word, I thought it was something like the proms, singing out loud together, and didn’t understand why they didn’t let you sing, since you have such a wonderful soprano.
    Your loving Rose
    Ps; what happened to your ugly baby, I will not allow it in the bed with us, it smells after kangaroos.

  7. I was not proposing, I was waiting. Poems I don’t like, Roses are overrated, but an impromptu request will be appriciated.

  8. I forgot the meaning of impromptu again and can’t find my dictionary.
    My feeling is that it has something to do with singing out loud.
    I know you have problems with my endearing words and I’m disappointed that you don’t open your heart to me in a poem, but a loving serenade will make me blossom as well.
    I’m awaiting your impromptu’s performance with a delightful anticipation.
    Your loving Rose

  9. When the impromptu delights of you shivering shine
    make the improper ties tie and dye
    when the shy lies are the cherries on a pie
    you will always ask yourself
    why I waited, oh cheesus, why
    I better impromptu call her mine

    • oh my gosh, you make my stem shiver. It is a lousy poem but well appreciated, when you dump the after kangaroo smelling baby , I might consider proposing you this time

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