With A Little Help From My Friends

Misprint Thursday is currently curator from an exhibition at UTSA and I found out I was banned there and asked her help.

SaveMe Oh: Can you arrange that I am unbanned from UTSA? Or who is the boss there?

Misprint Thursday: it’s not my call

Misprint Thursday: but there is lots of documentation online

SaveMe Oh: who should I ask? I forgot who is the boss there

Misprint Thursday: check out the catalog things are listed there

Misprint Thursday: I’ll give you a link

Misprint Thursday: one moment

SaveMe Oh: I need the owner of the sim

Misprint Thursday: http://issuu.com/misprint/docs/visualizing_theorem_catalog_final

SaveMe Oh: but who owns the utsa sim?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need your spam, which I can find myself also

SaveMe Oh: I need the person who can unban me so I can visit the exhibition

SaveMe Oh: narcist

Misprint Thursday: enjoy:)

SaveMe Oh: thanks for the great help you are

Misprint Thursday: I can’t solve all your problems Misss OHHH….

SaveMe Oh: but you could answer a simple question

SaveMe Oh: I solve it myself after

Misprint Thursday: I am sure you will

Misprint Thursday: in the form of Resident Resident Resident Resident Resident

Misprint Thursday: enjoy.

SaveMe Oh: you must be American

SaveMe Oh: coward

SaveMe Oh: constructivist solo, already found it

SaveMe Oh: you idiot, was that so much trouble to tell me, thanks a lot

SaveMe Oh: must be the “high” position you have now, that you don’t dare to answer normal questions anymore

Misprint Thursday: you are simply mean…that is why I choose not to answer.  Good luck with being that way.

Misprint Thursday: at once I thought it was clever….now I realize you are just mean. Period.

Misprint Thursday: it has nothing to do with high or low

Misprint Thursday: it has to do with human kindness

SaveMe Oh: it was a normal human question I asked

Misprint Thursday: so how about you wrap your concepts and theories around that miss oh artist

SaveMe Oh: you send me a note

SaveMe Oh: I try to go

SaveMe Oh: I found out I am banned there

SaveMe Oh: I asked your help to be unbanned

SaveMe Oh: human kindness would give me a simple answer. Or not?

SaveMe Oh: sending me documentation on a simple question is coward narcist behavior from somebody who is scared to give a normal human and kind answer

SaveMe Oh: and using teasing words has nothing to do with unkindness

Misprint Thursday: your banned status-I can not help with

Misprint Thursday: deal with it yourself tough girl

Misprint Thursday: as I know you will

SaveMe Oh: I will ask solo

Misprint Thursday: one way or another

Misprint Thursday: ending in mean.

Misprint Thursday: it’s what you do

Misprint Thursday: it’s all you do.

SaveMe Oh: and I will be careful ever asking you a normal straight forward question

Misprint Thursday: go have a tantrum on a blog and enjoy yourself tough girl-and all your close friends

SaveMe Oh: is this your version of human kindness?

Misprint Thursday: no it’s my version of you

SaveMe Oh: May I thank you for all you did to help me visit the exhibition in UTSA?

SaveMe Oh: good to know where you have friends for

Misprint Thursday: good to know everything I say in IM is posted on your blog

SaveMe Oh: this will not be on my blog, this was meant as a normal question


SaveMe Oh, you lying bitch!


Misprint Thursday: why should I trust that or trust you or believe you that is not friendship that is a manipulative digital persona

Misprint Thursday: not a friend

SaveMe Oh: did I manipulate you ever?

Misprint Thursday: you have right here in this window.

Misprint Thursday: trying to shame me and ridicule me once you don’t get your way

Misprint Thursday: that is manipulation

SaveMe Oh: ah come on, this is called teasing

Misprint Thursday: ok

Misprint Thursday: then

Misprint Thursday: but it is why I don’t enjoy you

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t know you are such a tender breakable character

Misprint Thursday: I happen not to be

Misprint Thursday: but others actually are

SaveMe Oh: when people show more of themselves they will be save

SaveMe Oh: when they hide behind an avatar they have to take the risk

Misprint Thursday: I didn’t know you were banned.  And it’s nothing I can change.  And my answer was for you to take responsibility for your own actions…not to put me in the middle.

Misprint Thursday: I have my own battles

SaveMe Oh: as you are curator there don’t you think it’s a normal question to ask you who is the boss there?

SaveMe Oh: I’m banned there so I don’t go there every day as you can imagine

SaveMe Oh: so what I do, I ask you for a simple info

SaveMe Oh: and you dig in

Misprint Thursday: no it is not simple.

SaveMe Oh: ok, then my view on the world is maybe to simple, sorry

SaveMe Oh: sorry for bothering you, forget I called you

SaveMe Oh: you sure have better things to do then talk with me

SaveMe Oh: excuse me


We also had happier times:


SaveMe Oh: Surprise and present for you:


Misprint Thursday: hahahahahah

Misprint Thursday: fuckin great

Misprint Thursday: hahahah omg the priests

Misprint Thursday: hahahah great organ!

Misprint Thursday: :))

Misprint Thursday: bye

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