Talk With My Pixelate Doll


SaveMe and Igor, the next royal wedding?

Igor Ballyhoo: do you really think I am empty

SaveMe Oh: No I don’t think that

Igor Ballyhoo: why did you say so then?

SaveMe Oh: I have a role to play

SaveMe Oh: and you are a part of the play

Igor Ballyhoo: ok, you do what you have to

SaveMe Oh: you too

SaveMe Oh: warn me when you really become Igor Ballyhoo

Igor Ballyhoo: what do you mean?

SaveMe Oh: the day that you and your avi are the same

SaveMe Oh: then I might consider changing doing what I think I have to do

Igor Ballyhoo: the same?

SaveMe Oh: No I don’t think so

SaveMe Oh: But I do not know yet as it didn’t happen yet

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t understand you, but that is nothing new

SaveMe Oh: I cannot help that

SaveMe Oh: but don’t be afraid

SaveMe Oh: it’s not really bad

Igor Ballyhoo: of all the things u could say about me, to call me an empty was just most absurd

Igor Ballyhoo: u live with them

Igor Ballyhoo: but ok, your words…

SaveMe Oh: I can say anything I want as you are just a pixelate doll

SaveMe Oh: And if you don’t want that just stop playing one

Igor Ballyhoo: and why would I stop playing one

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know, for me you don’t have to stop

SaveMe Oh: I like your pixelate doll

SaveMe Oh: as you know

SaveMe Oh: gorgeous body

Igor Ballyhoo: do you think sl would be better place without me in it

Igor Ballyhoo: do you think I should leave it all

SaveMe Oh: No I don’t think so

SaveMe Oh: you are the couleur locale

And did you know my doll won a prize????

Flora Nordenskiold: I am pleased to announce that the Nordan Art Prize of the University of Australia (UWA) 3D Open Art Challenge April 2011 round was awarded to Igor Ballyhoo for his work “Dance of the Fukushima Angels.” Congratulations Igor! Below please find the Nordan Art rationale for this selection:

Igor Ballyhoo’s work “Dance of the Fukushima Angels” consists of two green-white fetus like angels with transparent wings tied together with an umbilical cord. They are floating, or dancing, in a black space in a black box. Standing in front of this work, there is an immediate sense of transcending into some sort of hypnotic state as one watches the little angels dance a seemingly never-ending dance. But then, at some point, one is overcome by the devastation of this image; the nuclear accidents in Fukushima and the effect it has had on the unborn. Igor’s work stands out to Nordan Art because he is able to integrate superb craftsmanship with a powerful social message. This work affects the viewer on a deeper level,

Flora Nordenskiold:  it leaves one thinking and wondering. Igor masters using the symbolic as a mode of creative expression.

SaveMe Oh: Did you get a discount on your building now you let him win and did you pay this time the prize money yourself or is Jayjay still paying, and do you keep Ampel kicked out of your team forever? Just some questions. BTW, I might go to marry Igor.

SaveMe Oh: Lol, knowing the body of Igor, I know what deeper level he touched in you, Flora!

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