Promoting Linden Labs (LEA = lick every asshole)

Machinima has to rescue secondlife and Linden Labs. Now as a frequent user I am happy with every attempt to keep SL online but what did they invent?? A stupid event about machinima (NO NUDETY,NO VIOLENCE) (Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet must be banned in advance), An horrible building (who needs to be covered watching movies in sl?), 1000 seats were you are glued in according to the CARP concept where you can sit and shut up to see machinima that you can view 1000 times better on YouTube, Vimeo or AviewTV.

To promote an event like this you always need people who sell their soul to the devil and who sign every TOS agreement to be security and have ejecting and banning powers.

When the opening had finished I took the freedom to take the enormous stage and perform a little to cheer up the bored crowds. Mama Security gave me 10 minutes.

In Dutch: use google translator!

Chantal Harvey: hoi!

SaveMe Oh: hoi chantal

Chantal Harvey: er zijn veel noobs hier vandaag, en die schrikken van je attachements

SaveMe Oh: ik zal ze verrassen

Chantal Harvey: waarom?

SaveMe Oh: omdat ervaringen het mooiste zijn in het leven

Chantal Harvey: hey

SaveMe Oh: dat zou jij moeten weten

SaveMe Oh: ik heb gehoord dat het al afgelopen is

Chantal Harvey: dit is een machinima event

Chantal Harvey: je mag van mij een performance doen hier, dan reserveer ik het theater voor je

SaveMe Oh: ik perform als ik zin heb

SaveMe Oh: of als ik een grote lege ruimte zie

Chantal Harvey: prima

Chantal Harvey: mensen willen de films zien

SaveMe Oh: draaien die?

Chantal Harvey: ja

SaveMe Oh: ok

Chantal Harvey: dank je wel

Chantal Harvey: zie je de films niet dan?

SaveMe Oh: ik ben toch niet zo idioot om films binnen sl te gaan kijken?

SaveMe Oh: dat is misbruik van het medium

SaveMe Oh: heb je een interactief platform, ga je er films draaien

SaveMe Oh: hoe dom kun je zijn

SaveMe Oh: ?

Chantal Harvey: tja

SaveMe Oh: Ole Etzel (choosen artist of the month): wunderbar saveme oh! rezz us some more haha

Chantal Harvey: ja, ele is een kunstenaar

Chantal Harvey: maar er zijn de hele dag noobs

Chantal Harvey: hey kom op

SaveMe Oh: testbeeld

SaveMe Oh: waar draaien die films dan op?

Chantal Harvey: op de schermen rondom

SaveMe Oh: daar kan toch iedereen op inzoomen, jij lijkt wel de noob

Chantal Harvey: wat wil je nou

Chantal Harvey: je eigen theater?

SaveMe Oh: natuurlijk niet, bewijzen dat SL een interactief platform is waar altijd interactie moet zijn

Chantal Harvey: ik vraag ‘t je toch gewoon?

Chantal Harvey: dat bepaal jij toch niet?

SaveMe Oh: weet ik, maar we zijn het oneens

Chantal Harvey: ik ben doodmoe, en heb hier geen zin in

Chantal Harvey: doe maar gewoon je eigen platgetreden pad

SaveMe Oh: kijk dan lekker naar je eigen platgetreden schermen

SaveMe Oh: Ole vind het leuk

SaveMe Oh: en zijn mening vind ik belangrijker

Comment of the artist of the month at the same time:

Ole Etzel: wunderbar saveme oh! rezz us some more haha

SaveMe Oh: they forbid me

Ole Etzel: hrmmm i thought it was forbidden of course ;P

Ole Etzel: ^^ haha they will ban you! i love you are the hurt in the butt of our digital civilization. i adore you

SaveMe Oh: Chantal is angry

SaveMe Oh: but lets dare her

Ole Etzel: we can still see the screens

Ole Etzel: the bloodred death HARRRRR

SaveMe Oh: ejected

Ole Etzel: maybe it s enuff people already started throwin stuff at me sayin i am the only one to stop you… admit i m quite proud they think i can stop saveme oh but of course i cant. silly ppl

SaveMe Oh: tp me please, to see if I am banned or only ejected

SaveMe Oh: banned

Ole Etzel: you are my hero

Ole Etzel: haha

Ole Etzel: but maybe you get a lot of enemies like this :/

SaveMe Oh: I am banned in half SL

SaveMe Oh: nothing new

Ole Etzel: have you seen episode 2 and 3 of the disiease?

SaveMe Oh: no, is it as deadly as part one?

Ole Etzel: the splatter starts in episode 2 and has it s height in episode 3

Ole Etzel: i entered epsiode 1 cuz they said no violence haha

Ole Etzel:

And was does the owner of AviewTV thinks on that same moment?

LaPiscean Liberty: Good to see ya Dear 🙂

SaveMe Oh: whats happening here?

LaPiscean Liberty: its over

SaveMe Oh: good

LaPiscean Liberty: it was the opening to LEA

SaveMe Oh: those events are the most idiot always

LaPiscean Liberty: I know, I just work here lol

SaveMe Oh: build a stupid stage, create lag that paralises, and ask people to watch things they can better view on for example AviewTV

SaveMe Oh: lets perform

SaveMe Oh: or you think they are triggerhappy here

SaveMe Oh: ?

LaPiscean Liberty: lol

SaveMe Oh: can you see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: yes on stage

SaveMe Oh: ok, let me know if some of your friends complain

LaPiscean Liberty: nobody said anythuing yet but may be trying to view the clips

SaveMe Oh: oops Chantal already IM me

LaPiscean Liberty: Are you trying to get ejected or banned ?

SaveMe Oh: No I try to perform to show what this medium is able off


LaPiscean Liberty: ahhh ok

SaveMe Oh: although others will see it otherwise

SaveMe Oh: Chantal the horrible did it

LaPiscean Liberty: Yea I see

LaPiscean Liberty: I was afraid that was going to ghappen

SaveMe Oh: I knew this would happen

SaveMe Oh: But at least the boring opening can go on undistuberd now

LaPiscean Liberty: You went down in flames, but at least they will remember ya now :))

SaveMe Oh: 10 minutes, not a bad score

LaPiscean Liberty: LOL

LaPiscean Liberty: Thats why I adore you SaveMe hugs

SaveMe Oh: now I have to check if I am ejected or banned too

SaveMe Oh: banned

SaveMe Oh: rest in peace

LaPiscean Liberty: Im so sorry Hon. 😦

SaveMe Oh: I will get over it

LaPiscean Liberty: but at least your you. and thats a lot mkore then i can say for a lot

SaveMe Oh: be careful with what you say, everything will be in my blog

LaPiscean Liberty: I call it like I see it

LaPiscean Liberty: I knew you were headed that way

Then my old “enemy” Dancoyote called me:

Dancoyote Antonelli: so suddenly we are on the same side

SaveMe Oh: Are we? Tell me about it. I am not surprised but you look not that stupid so we had to end up at the same side.

Dancoyote Antonelli: tell me something

Dancoyote Antonelli: did you feel you were “permitted” to perform at the MoM thing today?

SaveMe Oh: No, but since some time permission is not an item anymore in my atempt to show what SL really should be

Dancoyote Antonelli: were you put in a little box like a side show attraction?

SaveMe Oh: i was banned and ejected after 10 minutes

Dancoyote Antonelli: oh that is just SaveMe, look how funny she is!

Dancoyote Antonelli: did you know why we are on the same side?

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I become the Don Quichotte of SL

SaveMe Oh: tell me?

Dancoyote Antonelli: The director of user experience spoke

Dancoyote Antonelli: one Rhett Linden

Dancoyote Antonelli: and said how greatful he is that art is such good free marketing for Linden Labs

Dancoyote Antonelli: that was the moment we became on the same side

SaveMe Oh: They gave us the canvas, we had to bring the crayons ourselves, and now they want everything back.

SaveMe Oh: So fight along with me for freedom of expression on our own terms

Dancoyote Antonelli: I am with you

Dancoyote Antonelli: and now

Dancoyote Antonelli: we need a private channel

SaveMe Oh: Fear is also not an issue, the moment we brought in our crayons we start to be faster then them.

Dancoyote Antonelli: more on this later. Now LEA will try to kick me for my protest

Dancoyote Antonelli: it will be a big mistake if they do

SaveMe Oh: Make it difficult for them! Good luck as you have every right on your side.

3 thoughts on “Promoting Linden Labs (LEA = lick every asshole)

  1. thank you for promoting my disease-movie here saveme ^^

    and by the way to all who may think “oh this ole is sooo evil”: i am not to blame for what saveme oh does. i am only a fan of saveme’s sl-arnachism! the one object that has been rezzed after i talked to saveme was tiny and pink-green + the event already ended.

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