Who Has A Fat Ass?

Aruba DeCuir: hello

SaveMe Oh: out of y way

Aruba DeCuir: sorry?

SaveMe Oh: are you deaf?

Aruba DeCuir: well she is not to talk to me that way…

SaveMe Oh: I talk to you as I want

SaveMe Oh: what an attitude

Aruba DeCuir: listen jerk

SaveMe Oh: pfff

Aruba DeCuir: you have an attitude problem

SaveMe Oh: what you want

Aruba DeCuir: I haven’t done you anything

Aruba DeCuir: you don’t like me?

Aruba DeCuir: my color?

SaveMe Oh: I love you, but don’t stand in my way

Betty Tureaud: hi folks

Aruba DeCuir: who is this person?

SaveMe Oh: your color is gorgeous

Aruba DeCuir: you are rude as few

SaveMe Oh: better then Betty’s ugly white

AntonLeman Resident: interesting chat

SaveMe Oh: or do you hate Japanese?

Aruba DeCuir: bye bye

SaveMe Oh: bye darling

SaveMe Oh: she was in my way

SaveMe Oh: I almost fall

AntonLeman Resident: how come

Betty Tureaud: it because you have a big ass

SaveMe Oh: I could have broken my leg

AntonLeman Resident: haha

SaveMe Oh: she also didn’t want to kiss my ass

Betty Tureaud: ¨ha ha

Betty Tureaud: lick my ass

Aruba DeCuir: what the  fuck did I do to you?

SaveMe Oh: marry me

Aruba DeCuir: I will see that you are banned from a row of sims….

Aruba DeCuir: you picked the wrong person to piss on….

SaveMe Oh: you want a list I am already banned, so you don’t do double work?

SaveMe Oh: you may be proud I pissed on you

Aruba DeCuir: you are what?

Aruba DeCuir: what entitles you to be so?

SaveMe Oh: I am SaveMe Oh, pardon me????!!!!

Aruba DeCuir: I say what do you do?

Aruba DeCuir: you do ruin Betty’s day

SaveMe Oh: Betty only love me, you fool

16 thoughts on “Who Has A Fat Ass?

  1. [12:22] Aruba DeCuir: you better delete that
    [12:22] Aruba DeCuir: as you act againts TOS and do copy/paste chat and IM
    [12:22] SaveMe Oh: not inside sl
    [12:22] SaveMe Oh: but this is outside sl
    [12:22] Aruba DeCuir: else I have to report you
    [12:23] SaveMe Oh: i do it already 4 years darling
    [12:23] SaveMe Oh: cheer up and laugh

  2. [12:43] SaveMe Oh: She said you don’t like me. That made me cry.
    [12:43] Betty Tureaud: ha ha
    [12:43] Betty Tureaud: she realy hade you
    [12:44] SaveMe Oh: yes, wrong person on the wrong moment
    [12:44] Betty Tureaud: now you got a enemy for life
    [12:44] SaveMe Oh: I needed a new one, I was running out on them
    [12:45] Betty Tureaud: you are crazy
    [12:46] SaveMe Oh: glad you said that, I was already unsure about it.
    [12:46] Betty Tureaud: smiles

  3. I fucked saveme’s mouth and she spit out my cum and rubbed it into her eyes. Fucking slut cunt whore ass bitch. Now she want’s a baseball bat fucking her ass. What a piece of shit you are.

  4. [7:09] SaveMe Oh: I heard you act like an idiot everywhere? howcome?
    [7:09] Aruba DeCuir: no one likes to be called “idiot” and be treated like dirt
    [7:09] Aruba DeCuir: I wonder who of your fine friends say so….
    [7:10] SaveMe Oh: they told me you had a history of childish behavior
    [7:10] Aruba DeCuir: firdt time I see you – you yell “Get out of my way!”
    [7:11] SaveMe Oh: thats a normal remark when somebody is in your way
    [7:11] Aruba DeCuir: as you do not know me it must be either just plain rudeness or that you do not like my color
    [7:11] Aruba DeCuir: I am never talked to that way
    [7:12] SaveMe Oh: I always tell me people who are in my way to get out of the way
    [7:12] Aruba DeCuir: I find you act as a spoiled child…..
    [7:12] SaveMe Oh: You were in my way on MY screen
    [7:12] Aruba DeCuir: and you are banned…. as you will be from other plces as well
    [7:12] Aruba DeCuir: get lost!
    [7:12] SaveMe Oh: And what all the other SaveMe’s did?
    [7:13] SaveMe Oh: and you forgot a few
    [7:13] Aruba DeCuir: you are a griefer and so are your alts
    [7:13] Aruba DeCuir: why have alts in the first place?
    [7:13] SaveMe Oh: Most of them are not my alts
    [7:13] SaveMe Oh: we are 37
    [7:13] Aruba DeCuir: sure
    [7:13] Aruba DeCuir: al angels
    [7:13] SaveMe Oh: 5 are mine
    [7:13] SaveMe Oh: the others not
    [7:13] Aruba DeCuir: 37 where?
    [7:14] SaveMe Oh: SaveMe’s
    [7:14] SaveMe Oh: you banned a few
    [7:14] Aruba DeCuir: I ban all 37….
    [7:14] SaveMe Oh: good
    [7:14] SaveMe Oh: I dont like injustice
    [7:14] Aruba DeCuir: then be nice to people
    [7:14] Aruba DeCuir: very simple
    [7:14] SaveMe Oh: why should I be nice, I hate nice
    [7:15] SaveMe Oh: awful to be nice
    [7:15] SaveMe Oh: boring
    [7:15] Aruba DeCuir: then I see no reason to talk to you
    [7:15] SaveMe Oh: no there isn’t as you are not nice either
    [7:15] Aruba DeCuir: listen…. get out of my life
    [7:16] SaveMe Oh: hey, you have a mute button
    [7:16] SaveMe Oh: use it
    [7:16] Aruba DeCuir: and do not use my convo anywhere!
    [7:16] SaveMe Oh: pfff
    [7:16] SaveMe Oh: snob
    [7:17] Aruba DeCuir: AR report are made
    [7:17] SaveMe Oh: maybe you can go work with the police
    [7:17] Aruba DeCuir: you are out of your mind
    [7:18] SaveMe Oh: maybe I have to report you
    [7:18] Aruba DeCuir: for?
    [7:18] SaveMe Oh: but dont worry, i won’t. I don’t need the help of patrons
    [7:18] SaveMe Oh: or bosses
    [7:18] SaveMe Oh: or rulers
    [7:18] SaveMe Oh: or owners
    [7:18] Aruba DeCuir: because you call me idiot? – because you use my IMs in other contexts
    [7:19] SaveMe Oh: is it forbidden to call somebody an idiot?
    [7:19] SaveMe Oh: And you dont have to answer me
    [7:19] SaveMe Oh: you choose to speak with me
    [7:20] Aruba DeCuir: no matter what I do or say you will spread your venom and edit and twist what I say…. what is the purpose? What do you get out of it?
    [7:22] SaveMe Oh: I try to figure out how sincere you are

  5. Why for you pick on my one prim paneled art. I work very hard to download free photoshop brushes and layer them over and over and call it a painting and sell it for money in Second Life. I am not ripping people off. I am inventive and creative. You are a stupid bitch SaveMe. How dare you mock me I am a serious artist who you do not appreciate. I am a painter.

  6. I had my own run in with this DELIGHTFUL Aruba last night… I was concerned at first that there was perhaps something lost in translation, but now I see this is typical behavior on her part. Thank you for this blog. Consider her banned from my gallery and most likely after I talk to the owner, from the collective on which it sits.

      • If you’d like I can post our conversation where you insulted me in multiple ways, Aruba. But considering it’s content I think you might just oh I don’t know, try to save face and apologize. And yes… I HAVE been to your land.

      • And actually you are right about ONE thing, no chuckmatrix clip EVER visited your land. my alt did. -wonders if aruba will sit up all night trying to sift through her visitor list trying to figure out his alt-

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