Unbanned But Not Free

Last Saturday I was invited to do the Screen Me performance In Caerleon, where Pixels unbanned me a few days before. But on Saturday Pixels didn’t appear online and so the needed stream couldn’t be provided. Later I found this message. Luckily for me in Amsterdam Ze Moo didn’t need a politburo committee for approval and so the performance was done last Sunday. 10 movies streamed on my wild attachment, a turning point in SL history.

Pixels Sideways: Saveme, we have problem. The way Caerleon works, we’re supposed to have a group discussion on projects and because I did not do this, I can’t authorize any performance here other than the installation currently I have on the sim or the upcoming ones that have already been discussed and approved.  Now while I tend to buck tradition and rules, it didnt’ occur to me at the time that when I invited you to perform I had to do this approval process.  In essence I fucked up.

So we have to back burner the project until this is resolved.  I’m sorry for this delay because I really like your idea and the tests we did were awesome looking.  I doubt this will be resolved before the show closes on Sunday.  If we can find an alternative location that would be great.  Again sorry for this screw up and we’ll figure out a way to do this.

I hope Pixels will not be deported to Siberia.

4 thoughts on “Unbanned But Not Free

  1. Why making life so difficult, when it all can be resolved by just tacking a little box.
    I think they should deport the whole caerleon group to Siberia.
    I loved your performance last night, it was truly brilliant. xx

  2. Yes that show in Amsterdam was beautiful. Unforunately, my video recording was messed up so I didn’t get to record “history in the making” LOL

    You know SaveMe, this whole problem could be solved without the oligarchy, by everyone using Viewer 2 or Kirstens, or Firestorm. Then you can put video on any prim you are wearing – even a different video on each surface – you don’t need to be a serf to the feudal sim lords.

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