Why Some Avi’s Just Don’t Have It

Aruba DeCuir: you are out of your wits…. SL is NOT owned by you and we are not here to act as your background
SaveMe Oh: yes you are a perfect background
SaveMe Oh: one of the best
Aruba DeCuir: how come you are allowed to do more damage and harm than other residents?
SaveMe Oh: Im a Linden
SaveMe Oh: Im the president of sl
SaveMe Oh: and I am allowed to say when I see a pretentious artist with no qualities
SaveMe Oh: and easily touched
Aruba DeCuir: and you can make up a “comment” as this: Comment by Aruba DeCuir on May 28, 2011 2:34 pm
 Aruba DeCuir: how dare you use my name for a false “comment”?
Aruba DeCuir: and when it come to pretentiousness I think you are the number one winner
SaveMe Oh: i use only the ones you send me
SaveMe Oh: i dont invent your lyrics
Aruba DeCuir: well this I did NOT send
SaveMe Oh: i have better things to do
SaveMe Oh: you are so unimportant, why i would bother???
Aruba DeCuir: because you love to hurt other people
SaveMe Oh: only arrogant people
Aruba DeCuir: ???
Aruba DeCuir: who was arrogant?
Aruba DeCuir: who told me to  get out of the way
Aruba DeCuir: who the f… do you think you are?
SaveMe Oh: I am the most famous avatar of SL
SaveMe Oh: you are nothing
SaveMe Oh: so you have to go out of the way when i want to pass
Aruba DeCuir: you are a childish person who seeks fame – based on beeing rude

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