A some day I ran into work of SaveMe Oh. I did not know her/him, but liked some of the work (not all), not aware yet of the ridicilous behaviour of this avie/person. Off course that did not take long to be confronted with, as people I met told their experiences and by reading some pathetic, unnessecary insulting comments here and elsewhere. No respect for private conversations as well,

What I see is this: A narcissist who only seems to be able to survive by bullying others and calling that performance art. In fact it is arrogant, selfish behaviour, a way to feel yourself better than others, by humiliating others. It is destructive behaviour, for the people who are being attacked, and in the end for SaveMe Oh as well, because no one can be an artist by the need of destructing things, only by creating things.

You may think of yourself als a saviour. To me you are the most explicite example of a moaning narcissist I ever met on the web.

NOTARI (whoever this may be)

6 thoughts on “Loveletter

  1. Has anyone ever died or gone to the hospital because of your art or words? Have you caused starvation, pollution, mutillation? These people are living a delusion.

    In the words of my late friend, Dutch/Bolivian/Canadian artist, Juan Geuer “Molecules or Pixels?”

  2. saveme u are getting so boring… make something new, idk.. artists needs evolution, u repeat yourself , find your way or shut up.

    • Famous trademarks have to repeat themselves. The sadness is inside the people who tell me over and how boring I am and read me everyday.

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