Coucou, Pirats, Are You All Asleep?

SaveMe Oh: I cant come, you banned me
Merlina Rokocoko: Yes I know
SaveMe Oh: Think about that when you invite me

Later that night, after I joined the Pirats group again…

SaveMe Oh: I just get a message from a friend that all that idiot french people are all night again cou couing eachother in groupchat. Why can’t this stop once and for all. Why you put the french nation looking like a collectionpoint of idiots?
SaveMe Oh: Please realise that there are also sane people
SaveMe Oh: Who hate the sound of coucou clocks for example
SaveMe Oh: I could not come to the opening tonight but are there still rl paintings in virtual frames hanging on virtual walls in Pirats???
SaveMe Oh: mostly with aqua colours???
SaveMe Oh: and pseudo spiritual explodings suns?
SaveMe Oh: And do they still have those narrow platform where an artist hardly can expose one work and you have to climb kilometers to see something, when the road is not blocked by Merlina or Newbab exposing themselves?

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