When You Were A Rabbit I Wouldn’t Be In Love



Igor Ballyhoo: why do u even bother to use my character for ur things

Igor Ballyhoo: what is so interesting with it at all?

SaveMe Oh: because you are gorgeous

Igor Ballyhoo: cut the shit, i am asking u seriously

SaveMe Oh: You are the most sexy man of SL

Igor Ballyhoo: ur joking

SaveMe Oh: no I am not

Igor Ballyhoo: and I ask u seriously

SaveMe Oh: I am in love

SaveMe Oh: Why you think that is strange?

Igor Ballyhoo: I have no idea, i am just confused what you find so interesting about me

SaveMe Oh: When you enter a sim there is happening something

Igor Ballyhoo: cmon…

Igor Ballyhoo: thats BS

SaveMe Oh: hey, make yourself ugly when you dont like my attention

SaveMe Oh: i love you, simple as that

Igor Ballyhoo: define ugly?

SaveMe Oh: when you were a rabbit I wouldnt be in love

SaveMe Oh: I love the leather, the tattoo, the wild aura

Igor Ballyhoo: do you really think you can comand what avi will I wear

SaveMe Oh: I comand nothing, I just tell you that my knees get weak when I see you

SaveMe Oh: I want to get close

SaveMe Oh: as if I can smell your sweat on your muscular torso

SaveMe Oh: You think its a coincidence we fit together like Yin and Yang?

Igor Ballyhoo: u think we fit?

Igor Ballyhoo: r u serious?

Igor Ballyhoo: we are two worlds

SaveMe Oh: Why combine something out of one world? Thats already combined. Two world combined, thats the real thing

Igor Ballyhoo: we don’t even talk same language, we are that different

Igor Ballyhoo: I enjoy creation, u enjoy destruction

SaveMe Oh: I am the biggest connector of all SL, look better

Igor Ballyhoo: why is attention so important to you?

Igor Ballyhoo: do you realise that often you look desparate to get it

SaveMe Oh: communication is the key

Igor Ballyhoo: do you think you and me ever had any

SaveMe Oh: Look at us, and you know the answer

Igor Ballyhoo: I dont think so

Igor Ballyhoo: comunication is 2 way thing

Igor Ballyhoo: and you are just making statements

SaveMe Oh: better kiss me

SaveMe Oh: Without the cigar

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