The New SaveMe Oh

I changed my style completely and I am now examining the phenomenology and foundations of the analog and digital, and another on developing an aesthetics of virtual realities and avatars. My current areas of exploration include: the aesthetics of virtual genitalia and blow up dolls; mapping techniques using motion capture and in vitro fertilization; Buddhist philosophy and its relation to avatars and online genitals; and genital choreography.

9 thoughts on “The New SaveMe Oh

  1. genital choreography lmao
    save, thank you for humouring all that is serious
    what would my life be without you!?
    sca x

  2. genital choreography???? virtual genitalia and blow up dolls?? in vitro fertilization??,, did you have become a Gynecologist????’…. and by the way.. as i always told you.. to stydy all those interesting things you should start wearing boobs.. or better study the androginia.. fit better with you looks like. :D—-xxx

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