The Color Around A Cold Heart


During a concert organized by Betty “Omo” Tureaud, Igor wants to apologize to me about his rudeness last night and he asked me to cage  Flora Nordenskiold as he had already more then enough of her uninspiring company. But then Betty Omo felt she had to step in for her. Something she didn’t do when Flora banned me yesterday without any reason.


Betty Tureaud: MystiTool Owner Check 1.0

Betty Tureaud: you get reportet to LL if you dont stop

Betty Tureaud: its your cage

Betty Tureaud: its grieffing

SaveMe Oh: they can investigate that after FLora’s griefing yesterday

Betty Tureaud: stop now

Betty Tureaud: take the cage

SaveMe Oh: I knew you were one of them

Betty Tureaud: i dont like grieffing to my concerts

SaveMe Oh: I don’t like people who protect swedish triggerhappy banners

SaveMe Oh: did you also report her yesterday?

SaveMe Oh: when she was griefing me?

SaveMe Oh: or are you a selective reporter?


7 thoughts on “The Color Around A Cold Heart

  1. For what its worth.. here is this swedes total conversations (in open chat) with Igor on the subject..

    First at Nordan Art

    Apmel Goosson: hello igor..where do you have saveme?
    Igor Ballyhoo: fuck u Apmel
    Apmel Goosson: thx igor:)
    Igor Ballyhoo: and go fuck fuckin Save too
    Apmel Goosson: no i don´t fuck her
    Igor Ballyhoo: me neither so there u go 😛
    Igor Ballyhoo: stupid fuck is on my back like leach
    Apmel Goosson: i´ve noticed:)
    Igor Ballyhoo: no idea why
    Apmel Goosson: she is just after your body igor:)
    Igor Ballyhoo: thats bs
    Apmel Goosson: hahaha..yes
    Apmel Goosson: must be the tattoos then
    Igor Ballyhoo: if I forgot to say HELLO to anyone, please forgive me and… HELLO FUCKIN HELLO
    Kikas Babenco: Helo Igor!
    Apmel Goosson: you already told me to fuck igor:)
    Igor Ballyhoo: hey now!
    Igor Ballyhoo: u draged out Save shit
    Igor Ballyhoo: as soon as I landed
    Apmel Goosson: haha..touchy subject
    Igor Ballyhoo: I hate bitch
    Igor Ballyhoo: made fake porn
    Igor Ballyhoo: took some ugly fuck with bad hair to act as me!
    Igor Ballyhoo: I can never forget that hair!
    Kikas Babenco: hey are you speaking about save me?
    Igor Ballyhoo: made fake porn with someone that was suposed to be me
    Kikas Babenco: can’t you see more than that?
    Igor Ballyhoo: took some ugly fuckin noob to act me!
    Igor Ballyhoo: it should be De Niro, not noob!

    Later at the Artistide exhibit

    Igor Ballyhoo: hello Saveme lover!
    Apmel Goosson: haha..hello Igor
    Igor Ballyhoo: cya later ppl
    Apmel Goosson: bye bye igor
    Apmel Goosson: say hello to saveme:))

  2. He is the primatar of Apmel Goosson, Apmel Meerson, Apmel Ibbetson, Apmelina Slingshot and Apmelsprivatabankman. Maybe he should add Apmel Gooowhatever to his collection? Since he is a firm believer in the Many World interpretation of quantum physics it is quite possible that he in some of the worlds is the primatar of Moose Mobile also :))

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