Igor’s Body

The first thing one sees when one open his pants is blood dripping upwards on an unfinished six-pack. Follow the paths back to the origin one of them leading to the tall, black, cylinder shaped tower. I forget the name of his tower, I think it was something like Encapsulated Hard, I can’t be sure. When you lick the walls of the tower, it slowly opens and exposes a dark, rotating shape enveloped in whitish laser beams. Another path also takes me to his moving sculpture between his exquisite textured legs where it is embedded as a musical instrument. I remember Igor having said that this particular tower between his pair of legs will be moving to the music of Beethoven’s 7th, second movement.

He walks through my tunnel, where his tower touches my walls. My tunnel takes him to my brain. Good god, how can I even begin to describe this to you? When he arrives it’s a pulsating brain, secured by eight bright red veins like walls of a glass container, I think I contain boiling water. My container is held in place by his strong intricate brown arms. As he leaves my brain I look down and see delicate white ivory bubble shapes, snapping in air.

I am Igor’s doll with an exposed brain to his high tower. Incredible. I move along on the path and suddenly stand in front of Starhole For Disaster, a fantasy creature of sorts. As I walk in, I enter his tunnel, surrounded by gorgeous pulsating walls. I start feeling around and feel things Igor had never shown me before, things with spines walking, goose bumps and parts of cocks. My G-spot is the cage with his clockwork as feather light wings. So very beautiful. My body is the playground of a true creative genius, and he is my masterpiece that has not yet been fully satisfied. And when I asked Igor to comment on orgasms this morning he simply noted, “It is not finished, it will never be finished.”

15 thoughts on “Igor’s Body

  1. You keep harassing this man for so long and then you whine when he doesn’t want to be on same space with you???
    You feel betrayed when His friends stand up for him???
    Griefing people with pink penises you call “art performance”??? – no wonder u don’t get this^^

    • The pink penises was not a performance I ever did. I think it was Betty Thureau, Arhan Claveau or someone else, I have no idea. I have a crucifeid penis as part of my Fundamental Environmental Roadshow, but I don’t think you refer to that.
      And I don’harass the man that much, I am simply in love. Is that a deadsin in nowadays virtual worlds?

  2. Great plan for genital choreography. I can’t wait until you build it and we can have a party in it.

  3. Save, were you sexualy abused child? Is that where this sex obsession and anger comes from? Man it is not your fault, you should understand that not everyone is like him? Was it your father?

    • It’s your gorgeous body that created a sex obsession for you, Is that so strange? Some people call that love. I have been abused yes, by Flora, Josina, Newbab, Merlina and Georg in their attempts to make themselves more important than the artists they hoste. I also have been abused by artists who take themselves so serious that their jaws are clamped and prevent them from ever producing a smile again. I also have been abused by artists, painters, sculpturists who arrogant look down on dramatic arts, improvising and performing. And…I also have been abused by you by denying that you love me.

  4. I see… So you probably grow up without family, or in completely dysfunctional one. That might be the reason why you are searching for patron in sl all the time – incontinent need to belong somewhere even if you don’t feel you do (Josi and Vela, now Rose etc). Would also explain your anger, it is not easy to be abandoned by people who was supposed to care. Obsessive attention seeking is obvious sign that you were neglected during childhood.
    I am really sorry that you don’t use that enormous amount of passion that you spend without any plan on some articulated projects. Destruction is easy way but what does it lead to?

    • They can all abandon me, now I have you to take care about me. But please just love me how you are now, for me you don’t have to follow the wikipedia online course for future shrink. When your diagnosis already change in one day from sexual abused to completely disfunctional or obsessive attentionseeker you better stick to what you are; a gorgeous body without brains. Let me do the thinking baby, then you can put the garbage outside with your stong arms.

  5. Sexual abused could be the cause, that ofcourse means disfunctional family. Obsessive attention seeker is consequence. I don’t think you are dooing so well as “the brain”.

    IF you feel need, we can continue this conversation in privacy.

  6. on second thought, ur absolutely right… wtf do I know, I am just a stupid body, no brain at all… Now where is that garbage?

  7. Sorry to interrupt this lovebirds talk.
    Just for my information Save?
    What about our wedding plans?
    I know my body does not compete with that of Igor’s
    But that is easily fixed, I can also pretend I have no brain!
    (This penis talk confuses me, don’t know which penis belongs to whom now) but the be save I can also put on a pink penis to please you.
    Or are you planning to take Igor in as our garbage boy?
    As your present Patron, I demand some clarification on this matter.

    • Every day I log in in secondlife I hope to find that proposal to marry you, but you run away, disappear and ignore me for long periods. I have no desire to any of your pink penisses, it’s your bright mind I am after and I am quit happy to share the garbageboy with you so we can also get rid of your huge garbage problem in a decent way. And after that we offer him as garbage himself. I promiss you this; after your proposal I am done with men forever and their penisses we dry and stuff only to have something to hang out coats on.

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