SaveMe Oh VS Filthy Fluno

After a year DanCoyote Antonelli came up with something sad again, an idea stolen from LEA who stole it from me. What the idiots try to do? In an attempt to deal with people like me who come in always with a clear opinion about what is shown at a certain exhibition and who react impromptu at other peoples work because we take the right to do whatever we want to do on our OWN SCREEN (I can’t help I am in yours) LEA and DanCoyote Antonelli thought they had invented Columbus Egg. Why not organize a griefers day or a wrestling event were the difficult people can behave bad in front of an audience and then dump them back behind banlines.

Last Tuesday I entered by coincidence the wrestling event of DanCoyote Antonelli in Odyssey were some poor B fighters were trying their best to misbehave. I immediately took over, silenced them with some great bitchtalk, wiped the stage clean, kicked the suckers off and showed in 10 seconds that you need talent to keep the attention of an audience. After my heroic entrance the audience screamed about a match between me and a pig like creature called Filthy Fluno. Now I never participate in contests of any kind as art is not a competition but I IM-ed the walking piece of bacon with a plan, and he agreed.

But one day later he had to back down because this big fighter was afraid it might hurt his fine relation with DanCoyote Antonelli. As Igor Ballyhood has his doggy Flora Nordenskiold, the Coyote has a housepiggy, called Filthy. May he rest in peace.

Filthy Fluno: hi SaveMe, i’ve been thinking about our plan for the wrestling event and how it might impact my friendship with DC.  Please ping me when you get inworld so we can chat k?

Filthy Fluno: I haven’t mentioned anything to anyone

Filthy Fluno: hi saveMe did you get my message?

SaveMe Oh: yes

Filthy Fluno: i think it would be cool to do something like that with you, perhaps i agreed to do it umpulsively without thinking about my friend DC

Filthy Fluno: of course, you can still come and fuck everyone up if you want, i won’t say anything to anyone

SaveMe Oh: are you telling me you try to escape the agreement?

Filthy Fluno: yes, after rethinking about it,

SaveMe Oh: Ok, of course I don’t want to jeopardize your close relatation with DanCoyote

Filthy Fluno: thanks for understanding… sometimes i’m too impulsive and need to just think a little more about things

Filthy Fluno: so i apologize for taking up your time on it

Filthy Fluno: but it was nice to come over and see your stuff

SaveMe Oh: It’s ok. DanCoyote will be proud of you.

Filthy Fluno: nah… he won’t know anything ever happened

SaveMe Oh: my lips are sealed

Filthy Fluno: mine too.

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