Filthy Crybaby

After Filthy Fluno lost all the so called battles against me (which is a big lie as I never compete with anybody on artissues) he became so unstable and sobby that he all the time IM me crybaby stories. 

SaveMe Oh: you are to nice for the world, are you sure you are not the returned messias?
Filthy Fluno: i try to be thoughtful… and respect the art that others work hard to make, whether i agree with it or not
SaveMe Oh: Artists who use the word respect are not artists, they are comformists
Filthy Fluno: lol… says you
SaveMe Oh: sorry had to put that marvelous line on facebook
Filthy Fluno: which one?
SaveMe Oh: about artist and respect
SaveMe Oh: sometimes I come up with such good lines
SaveMe Oh: its increddible

Filthy Fluno: who’s crying?
SaveMe Oh: you
Filthy Fluno: i’m crying?
SaveMe Oh: yes, you are a sort of crybaby
Filthy Fluno: you got me all wrong SaveMe… that’s what kinda bugs me
SaveMe Oh: I got you right after one hour knowing you
Filthy Fluno: no no… you got me wrong
Filthy Fluno: so be it
Filthy Fluno: artists are often misunderstood
Filthy Fluno: this isn’t the first time or the last
SaveMe Oh: you are not an artist, you are a coyote’s doggy
Filthy Fluno: i guess that’s it then
Filthy Fluno: you’re gonna be a jerk towards me… i will ignore it from now on
SaveMe Oh: SaveMe Oh VS Filthy Fluno, what a joke
Filthy Fluno: bye
SaveMe Oh: give DanCoyote a kiss
SaveMe Oh: on his coyote ass

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