Open Letter To An Arthole

Dear Arahan Claveau (aka Steve Millar)

Stick your RL conventions in your arthole. SL is no museum, no concerthall, no cinema. I didn’t buy a ticket, you didn’t buy a ticket. I don’t see you, you don’t see me, you don’t rule my screen, I don’t rule yours. When you want a performance just on your conditions consider pay by view or a private session with your beloved artists of choice.
BTW, did you noticed there was no audience at the Odyssey Event? Only “artists”. You perform today, I perform tomorrow, you put the pics on Flickr, I do it the next day.
And why this disdain on atempts of dramatic arts, stand up comedians and clowns. I personaly prefer much more a good talk between myself and DanCoyote Antonelli than a cut up between dead artists like William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, thats recycled wikipedia art (hope he don’t discovers I made a machinima with Williams voice,omg).
And when all your considarations finally result in a conclusion that I am unable to form any meaningful relationships in my own life the real Arthole in you also appears. So be glad with your superiority and all your meaningful relationships while I keep digging in the unknown.

14 thoughts on “Open Letter To An Arthole

  1. Steve, I can’t say I agree with your opinion. Personally I am not rude. In fact I try not to offend, but I consider that to be my conditioning. Brainwashing basically, to call a spade what it is. For me Saveme is a diamond. Considering, that in SL it is possible to mute someone… however people tend to either hang on to keep listening, like at a car crash, or, they make a really flaboyant show out of the muting possibilties during which various members can share alliance. I like how you said, “i wish you could sometimes learn to shut the fuck up”. Nice and direct without any teaming up crap. Personally I don´t think Save stops at criticising art, her work is much deeper. She brings brings out the witch hunter in people. She is uncompromising. Nothing vague about that woman. But it is no secret that I love her. This is my humble and coded opinion. 🙂

  2. Obviously SaveMeOh’s tolerance level has continued to diminish since our last meeting.

    S/he and I had the chance to chat/argue about her inability to follow group rules (Art and Artists Network) where I was a moderator. She was summarily booted. I was verbally harassed and stalked until the episode ended in some store where she decided to beat my avatar with a baseball bat.

    and yes, pics exist.

    • She beat me with that same bat, but I also had a bat and beat her back so she came back from behind the wall I had sent her through and hit me with a giant spoon. It was one of the greatest moments in the history of sl art.

  3. Hi Steve and thanks. What ultimately bothered me was SMO’s writing on Facebook she should have “smashed” our work. I don’t feel generous at all towards her; it’s fine if she finds my work “crap” (which she added), but threatening violent action – even if virtual – smacks too much of something like Kristallnacht to me to be comfortable. Thanks again for your comments; I wish I could have seen more. – Alan

  4. Hiya Alan,

    Yes exactly, she’s taken the whole act way too far now, most of those people (me included) who previously thought she was quite amusing or had something relevant to say have grown tired of it. But really her opinions about art are invalid as she’s revealed herself to be a bit of a moron.

  5. Here is Arahan’s original post so everybody have all the info:

    [14:22] SaveMe Oh: this is by far the worsed(sic) performance since long

    [14:22] Dancoyote Antonelli: where does art stop and exhibitionism begin?

    We’ve sunk pretty low as a community when artists feel it is reasonable to heckle other artists. Such as it was during Alan Sondheim & Sandy Baldwin’s live performance of Thursday Bloody Thursday on the opening day of the 2011 Odyssey Performance Art Festival.

    I’d never seen Alan’s work in Second Life before and he’s an artist I find very intriguing, so I was really interested in attending the performance at Odyssey. Unfortunately the event was hijacked by two audience members who took it upon themselves to keep interrupting with their own inane opinions and criticisms. The problem I had, and why I was so irritated, is that if they were really serious about critiquing the work then they should have waited until afterwards. Interrupting the live performance came across like they were trying to sabotage it in order to bring attention to themselves, it was griefing, but the big difference is that classic “griefers” (e.g. Voted 5 and W-Hat) targeted pompous individuals and dodgy organisations that deserved the stuffing knocked out of them.

    What was it that the artists at Odyssey were doing that caused such hostility and ridicule? Perhaps that is an interesting question, certainly Alan Sondheim seems fairly philosophical about the interruptions, even going so far as to say that they added something to the performance. I would probably be less generous if I’d been in his position. I can say as an audience member the regular interruptions seemed to be devoid of any parody or humour, and the comments were at points just plain nasty and rude, and only conspired to ruin the experience for the rest of us.

    [14:22] Dancoyote Antonelli: and why do we want to look at Anan(sic) and Sandy’s junk?
    [14:24] sandy Taifun: Avatars are always disturbances, always irruptions of language, a lang- uage portending _the raveling of existence and essence
    [14:25] Dancoyote Antonelli: well they do say that half the internet is porn
    [14:25] Dancoyote Antonelli: I guess this is that half
    [14:25] Dancoyote Antonelli: where does porn become performance?
    [14:26] SaveMe Oh: who wants to fuck me now?
    [14:26] Arahan: I dunno, a flacid penis isn’t really pornographic is it?
    [14:26] Sca Shilova: lol
    [14:26] Arahan: all of us at the same time saveme
    [14:26] Dancoyote Antonelli: not after this unappetizing display
    [14:26] SaveMe Oh: I am so shocked I need to be fucked now
    [14:26] Dancoyote Antonelli: you’re right Arahan
    [14:26] Dancoyote Antonelli: its so friendly
    [14:27] Dancoyote Antonelli: not at all “confrontational”
    [14:27] SaveMe Oh: omg, you think he took a pic of his own thingy?
    [14:27] Arahan: I think if we’re seeing the artist’s genitals that’s quite interesting
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: this was really the worsed(sic) I witnessed since long
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: pretentious
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: bad(sic) done
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: no sense
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: poluting
    [14:34] Dancoyote Antonelli: not to mention unappetizing!
    [14:34] SaveMe Oh: and ugly genitals
    [14:35] SaveMe Oh: next time they should ask Igor to pose
    [14:35] SaveMe Oh: at least he has soemthing(sic) to show
    [14:35] SaveMe Oh: this genitals must be over 60 years old
    [14:35] Arahan: well everyone else show a pic of their genitals right now and we can judge who has the prettiest?
    [14:35] SaveMe Oh: yuk
    [14:35] lizsolo Mathilde: yeah thanks saveme and now why dont you tell us how you really feel
    [14:35] Kham: Why not leave if it offends you so?
    [14:35] Dancoyote Antonelli: hahahaha
    [14:35] SaveMe Oh: it was disgusting
    [14:36] lizsolo Mathilde: poor saveme
    [14:36] Jo Ellsmere: Why stay, then?
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: It was wonderful
    [14:46] Kikas Babenco: you decide
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: the best I ever saw
    [14:46] lizsolo Mathilde: i’m looking forward to seeing your genitals tomorrow
    [14:46] SaveMe Oh: It made me thing(sic) over my whole life again
    [14:47] lizsolo Mathilde: tho im sure u dont have the nuts
    [14:47] Arahan: you don’t have to say everything is wonderful SaveMe, but sometimes you could learn when to shut the fuck up 🙂
    [14:47] SaveMe Oh: Its almost like a religious experience
    [14:47] SaveMe Oh: so deep

    Interruptions aside, I was at the time unsure of how I felt about the actual performance, part of that was because I didn’t know if what I was experiencing was what the artists intended. It wasn’t until I read back the transcript of the text chat that I started to understand it more, and being a fan of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin I really appreciated the cut-up nature of the dialogue between the artists, who were obviously exploring some very personal issues. When looking at the work as a whole you have to conclude it was actually a very brave and risky thing to do.

    So, my irritation at SaveMe Oh and Dancoyote Antonelli’s ignorance on that day is amplified retrospectively because they completely missed the entire point of the piece, and were unwilling, or incapable, of seeing anything of merit beyond the surface. What is most perplexing though is that they were both artists hosting their own performances as part of the same festival, talk about shitting on your own doorstep!

    SaveMe Oh has a big problem with even the merest hint of people being courteous or just saying hello to each other, perhaps it is simply jealousy because she is unable to form any meaningful relationships in her own life, one can only guess. She used to have a MO with her ‘performance’; by targeting all the phoney groupies and lazy artists, poking and prodding them to get a reaction and pointing out what they were doing wrong and how they could be doing it better (in her eyes).

    But now it seems to be less about that and more about disrupting events and preventing anybody else from enjoying themselves, even the really talented artists. The act has become rather stale and tedious, and the end result will be no audience for her shenanigans making it all even more pointless and redundant. And no, it’s not about kissing each others arses or saying you love everything, that’s the other end of the spectrum and I find that kind of sycophantic toadying completely nauseating. Anyway, I was taking the piss in SL when SaveMe Oh was still wet behind the ears, learn from one of the masters you rank amateur! –

    Despite my annoyances I have actually appreciated work by both SMO and DC in the past so I still went to their respective events at Odyssey (after all they weren’t attacking me personally), I suppose I’m just confused and disappointed by their bizarre outbursts.

    The 2011 Odyssey Performance Art Festival was overall a really positive experience for me, and presenting our own performance as *ArthOle was very worthwhile and I’m proud to have been a participant. I’ll write about all the performances I attended in my summary of the festival which is coming soon.

    Thank you to Liz Solo, Fau Ferdinand and Jo Ellsmere, all the other artists, and all the avatars who attended ArthOle’s ORIENTATION.

    *I should point out that DC attended one of the ArthOle performances and he seemed to really get into it and played along, SMO was invited to attend like everyone else but didn’t register any interest.

  6. from the chat of the Wearers’ performance at the Odyssey festival:

    [14:00] SaveMe Oh: he [Marmaduke] is a typical macho southern european country distroing, moody teasing useless creature

    if you say so, my President…
    (the things one must put up with in order to become Prim Minister…)

  7. You have been banned from the ArthOle Group

    You have been banned from the Second Life – Parody & Satire Group

  8. OK, I have to admit, up front, that performance art has never appealed to me very much. But still, I try to see it in SL and RL whenever I get a chance, just in case something happens to change my opinion.

    All of the bullshit that you describe above only encourages me to stop trying. My SL time is limited and very valuable to me, and I refuse to spend it waiting for SaveMe to expend her narcissistic energies. So what happens now is, I just stay home. I just know that I’ll be missing something amazing enough to change my opinion of performance art for good, but so be it. Life is too short.

  9. That’s a real shame Oberon, but now at least I know why you didn’t come to ArthOle’s event, it was nothing personal, you just presumed it would be rubbish!

    Seriously though, it is not good that people are staying away from events because of one person’s antics. DC was almost as bad that particular day but at least he knows when to quit, SMO is relentless.

    I’ve been berated by some since publishing this, even though I know I’m only echoing what many others are feeling, some people still think it is unwise to verbalise such opinions, and that I’m being disrespectful to SMO as an artist. This is nonsense of course because at no point have I even mentioned SMO’s actual art, I’m merely complaining about her obnoxious behaviour, which some may consider art but I just find unbelievably dull, annoying and tedious. My issue is with her hijacking of events, constantly haranguing people for saying hello to each other, or expressing when they like something.

    I have actually been quite impressed by some of her work, there is definitely some substance there, I’ve photographed it and even talked about it on my radio show, and up until the Odyssey festival I really didn’t have a problem with her. Sure I get that the manufactured personality is a performance, and that at some point the idea was probably to hold up a mirror to the virtual art world, but it’s no longer about that, and disrupting really fantastic and rare events like Odyssey isn’t very interesting, subversive or amusing, it’s just dumb.

    Amazingly though she still does have enough supporters that will stand up for her and defend her freedom of speech, and insist that she has something profound to say. Yes of course she has the right to behave like a twat until the cows come home, but I also have the right to challenge that behaviour, give an opposing viewpoint and boycott anything she is involved with. If all the people that thought the same way said enough is enough then she would soon fade away into obscurity.

    I completely agree that life is too short, and I have no idea how she has the energy to wake up every day and fall into the same tired old routine. It must be exhausting.

  10. Sca here.
    Just read the updates here and maybe it’s not complete without my reactions to Steve on facebook. Mainly cos I don’t feel I was berating (but maybe Steve is refering to someone else), but also cos it feels fair since Steve seems to be refering to it on Save’s blog that she see it too.
    I also told Save in IM that I have been to a workshop by Alan which I found inspiring. I really don’t believe that if I stick up for someone it needs to mean that I am putting someone else down! (Just incase it is being percieved that way).

    Sca Shilova: Steve, I can’t say I agree with your opinion. Personally I am not rude. In fact I try not to offend, but I consider that to be my conditioning. Brainwashing basically, to call a spade what it is. For me Saveme is a diamond. Considering, that in SL it is possible to mute someone… however people tend to either hang on to keep listening, like at a car crash, or, they make a really flaboyant show out of the muting possibilties during which various members can share alliance. I like how you said, “i wish you could sometimes learn to shut the fuck up”. Nice and direct without any teaming up crap. Personally I don´t think Save stops at criticising art, her work is much deeper. She brings brings out the witch hunter in people. She is uncompromising. Nothing vague about that woman. But it is no secret that I love her. This is my humble and coded opinion. 🙂

    Steve Millar: It’s much easier to be liked and stay off the radar if you just keep quiet, and all I’ve done is said what I know many others at Odyssey were thinking. You have to speak in a certain language when dealing with internet trolls Sca, which is what SMO proved he is, nothing more, nothing less. He has voided any interest I had in his work by his behaviour during the Odyssey festival.
    We’re all going to be worm-food one day, and to spend your life doing what he does is a sad waste of time.

    Sca Shilova: No I wouldn’t not like you for voicing your opinion at all. I have no doubt that there are many people who would agree with you but I just differ of opinion. I sincerely think that Saveme keeps SL real. Well she does for me 🙂

    Steve Millar: That’s cool Sca, I quite enjoyed his antics before last week, but what he did to Alan wasn’t keeping anything real, it was just vile and vicious, that was the turning point for me. Anyway, who appointed SMO judge & jury? Well himself obviously.
    Also I can’t refer to him as a “she” now I know he has a pair of balls, albeit very tiny. 😛

    Sca Shilova: Sorry Steve. I don’t believe in outing people’s identity and I also believe that everyone has the right to choose one. I don’t think you can really make a successful point about meanness by being mean yourself.

    Steve Millar: He has a thick skin.

    Sca Shilova: Btw, I am not pretending to be a saint. i can assure you I am not 😀

    Steve Millar: Being mean to SMO? Is that possible? The problem is by being so annoying and rude to everyone he has invited speculation, it is only natural to wonder what motivates the person behind the avatar when they behave like that. I did think for a while that he must be mentally ill, but I was assured it was merely a “performance”, I have no idea how he wakes up every day and has the energy to fall into that same routine, it must be exhausting.
    There is a (in)famous SL blogger called Prokofy Neva, you may have heard of that name? It was the same with ‘him’, he was unreasonably combative with anyone who crossed his path, creating petty wars and vendettas and eventually people became interested in who the real Prokofy was. Turned out she was a crazy cat lady, who was just as nutty as her internet persona.
    I’m not outing SMO, but I find it hard to refer to anyone as she when I know they are male. I call Selavy Oh a he, no malice intended.

    Sca Shilova: The transgender community would not be proud of you :p
    Shilova Dunno, never heard Saveme refered to as a man before till recently that people got madder… seems to me like these are little acts of sabotage.

    Steve Millar: Sorry but I honestly don’t care Sca, I’m not interested in SMO’s rights, he’s an idiot. Outing him would be to publish his real name and address, and nobody is suggesting that would be right.

    Sca Shilova: I respect your opinion Steve and also the fact that you speak it out. I just don’t agree but I don’t mind that – disagreeing can be much more productive than everyone agreeing with each other 😉 I have heard too many extremely sharp witty and inteligent things escape Save to call her an idiot!

    Steve Millar: OK well we are at an impasse then, not much more can be said really. I’m happy with everything I said here and on my blog and stick by it, but thanks for giving your perspective, I’d much rather that than silence.
    *Prokofy is not transgender btw, if she was I would refer to her as such. I have no allegiance to heteronormative identity.

    Jacque Drinkall: Save Me Oh is a she!

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