Psychotherapy For An Insecure Lover

Igor Ballyhoo: do we really need all that shit?

SaveMe Oh: as long as we are having fun

Igor Ballyhoo: I will stop insisting that people where I exhibit ban you

SaveMe Oh: It doesn’t bother me; you are only helping me out

SaveMe Oh: and you give an insight in how the minds of people work

SaveMe Oh: why they want to be in charge whenever and wherever they like

Igor Ballyhoo: you can have that through conversation with me, I am not hiding much

SaveMe Oh: I also like to have that

Igor Ballyhoo: do you really think I have any need to be in charge

SaveMe Oh: To be honest I have no idea, could be, maybe not

SaveMe Oh: but it’s not really the point

Igor Ballyhoo: Save all I really need in this world is to build

SaveMe Oh: And you can do that as much as you want

Igor Ballyhoo: I am trying

SaveMe Oh: And all that I need in this world is to be what I became

Igor Ballyhoo: antihero?

SaveMe Oh: could be, a pixelate cult figure, who knows

Igor Ballyhoo: I was on edge of leaving sl for pretty long time, even now I am not sure I will not leave it for good

SaveMe Oh: That you have to decide for yourself

Igor Ballyhoo: do you think sl would be better without me here

SaveMe Oh: no, I don’t think so

SaveMe Oh: SL is a great platform to create

SaveMe Oh: and when you like that you stay but accept the fact that there are more people on the platform who all have different intentions

Igor Ballyhoo: every move you made pushed me step further from all this

SaveMe Oh: when you want to work in peace, go to an open sim

SaveMe Oh: when you like interaction, stay here

SaveMe Oh: or hide well

Igor Ballyhoo: if I build on open sim, I can do it also locally on my comp

SaveMe Oh: when you want to share accept the consequences

SaveMe Oh: and learn to smile

Igor Ballyhoo: do you think people should not see things I build?

SaveMe Oh: I think they should see it

Igor Ballyhoo: on open sim no one will

SaveMe Oh: that’s why you should stay

SaveMe Oh: you won’t leave me alone without good opponents, that would be unfair

Igor Ballyhoo: I am tired of shit

Igor Ballyhoo: Rl is there for that

SaveMe Oh: this is not shit

SaveMe Oh: it’s fun

Igor Ballyhoo: for me insulting others isn’t fun

Igor Ballyhoo: also isn’t fun to be insulted

SaveMe Oh: can you imagine people are really following the developments between 2 avatars?

Igor Ballyhoo: yes, people are drama hungry idiots, I am not surprised

SaveMe Oh: drama is the real art

Igor Ballyhoo: it was always like that through all human civilization

Igor Ballyhoo: drama is Spanish soap opera

SaveMe Oh: Shakespeare is soap opera too

Igor Ballyhoo: agree, but…

SaveMe Oh: it’s a mirror

Igor Ballyhoo: I am not big fan of Shakespeare

SaveMe Oh: and your pixels are cheap actors

Igor Ballyhoo: I understand

SaveMe Oh: some people have the arrogance to consider only a sculpture, builder or painter as an artist

Igor Ballyhoo: but you also understand that you by creating your work obstruct mine?

SaveMe Oh: I realize it but I consider it as calculated risk

SaveMe Oh: and to take by a big guy like you

SaveMe Oh: and you have every option to create another avi without me knowing

SaveMe Oh: but as you are vain, you won’t

Igor Ballyhoo: it is not that

Igor Ballyhoo: first is that I made over 5000 builds with this one

Igor Ballyhoo: all textures, sculpts shit, it would take eternity to move

SaveMe Oh: liar, they have programs for that

Igor Ballyhoo: plus, you would recognize my build in one look

SaveMe Oh: that’s true,

SaveMe Oh: so you are sort of a brand

SaveMe Oh: and that, dear Igor, makes you perfect for me

SaveMe Oh: we both profit

SaveMe Oh: being an artist is a hard life

Igor Ballyhoo: look, whatever, I will stop insisting that people ban you just don’t grief my avatar again

SaveMe Oh: I do whatever I want, and I think it’s good you never ask people to ban me

Igor Ballyhoo: beautiful, do whatever you want, just don’t grief my avi

SaveMe Oh: btw UTSA have me banned

SaveMe Oh: so you are safe

SaveMe Oh: and your avi is gorgeous

SaveMe Oh: mmmmm

Igor Ballyhoo: don’t start again

SaveMe Oh: maybe it helps when you make yourself ugly

SaveMe Oh: maybe I lose my appetite

SaveMe Oh: now I have to go to take my beauty sleep because tomorrow there waits a whole day of drama and rehearsing again.

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