The Day Igor Left me

When Nordan art celebrated the first year of existence I asked my sweet Igor if he could ask Flora to lift my ban, as he was personal responsible for the fact I was banned there anyway without any reason (read earlier posts). I had to promiss him I would not make a fuzz and of course I did as the fact I could be with him was more than enough for me. And so he asked…..

Flora Nordenskiold: come and join us saveme

After I took some snapshots from me and Igor I decided, after Igor had left, to keep a low profile and I went to a corner, weared my Igor Room, and lie down silently reading the book about Igor and me. But Flora was not pleased again….

Flora Nordenskiold: you are being provokative again, save

SaveMe Oh: no, i am one of the few artists

Flora Nordenskiold: you are disprespecting igor again with this display

SaveMe Oh: Igor loves this, dont you get it?

Flora Nordenskiold: you know he doesnt

SaveMe Oh: I know he does, you dont know he does


SaveMe Oh: she is going to eject me

Kikas Babenco: nooooo!


And Flora Nordenskiold ejected and banned me again.

ush Underwood: hehe banned .. you won

SaveMe Oh: was sweet done

SaveMe Oh: dont you think

SaveMe Oh: in a elegant way

ush Underwood: yes  it was

SaveMe Oh: you thought I was provocotive?

ush Underwood: i didnt feel provocated

ush Underwood: but well .. i am not the host here

ush Underwood: what is igor saying about your flirt ?

ush Underwood: some say  he doesnt enjoy


Eupalinos Ugajin: she ejected you ?

SaveMe Oh: yes

Eupalinos Ugajin: 😦

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok even the word “behave” is enough for me

Eupalinos Ugajin: leaving this spot

Then Rebeca Bashly started to send this note in different groups:

SaveMe Oh killed Igor Ballyhoo. He has just deleted his SL account

Then in Nordan Groupchat:

Sophia Yates: How did she do that & why & should I type a LOL or a Uh OH AW here

Alizarin Goldflake: BS LOL

Sophia Yates: hehe

Angiesparkles42 Sparkle: O_o

Sophia Yates: SaveMe Oh is funny

SaveMe Oh: I declare hereby that I am not in love with Rebeca Bashly

Sophia Yates: haha

SaveMe Oh: who is the witch anyway?

luce Laval: hehehehe

SaveMe Oh: a jealous bitch

Alizarin Goldflake: igor’s account is right there on search

Sophia Yates: arrrrrrr

SaveMe Oh: she can’t stand Igor loves me

luce Laval: the 1st of april has just gone..

SaveMe Oh: Look on facebook how happy Igor and I were tonight during the first anniverary of Nordan

Sophia Yates: It’s July

SaveMe Oh: I think we will soon see Rebeca Bashly’s account deleted

Sophia Yates: how long has Nordan been established?

ColeMarie Soleil: (yawns and closes the window and goes back to working)

SaveMe Oh: after Igor build Flora that ugly gallery

Alizarin Goldflake: yawns are contagious 🙂

Sophia Yates: well! I guess i better get back to work as wel.

SaveMe Oh: yes, and Cole has for sure her important blog to write for Just ARt, two lines about nothing every day

Sophia Yates: snickers

SaveMe Oh: I suggest everybody will ask Rebeca to stop with her awful and harmful campaign against me

SaveMe Oh: I also have my feelings

SaveMe Oh: (cries a little now)

SaveMe Oh: kleenex please

Sophia Yates: Arn’t we supose to be grown up’s. The play ground in here is big enough for all of us no need to hurt anyones feelings.

Kikas Babenco: we are almost drowned in SaveMe tears!

Kikas Babenco: help!

Sophia Yates: Well i needed a break for a bit so i don’t mind

Alizarin Goldflake: what – saveme has tears?  i thought only i did!

Kikas Babenco: big ones!

Alizarin Goldflake: ahahahah

Alizarin Goldflake: what does Igor have to say?

SaveMe Oh: he just said to me, I love you

SaveMe Oh: and is now licking the tears from my face

Flora Nordenskiold: You have been ejected from ‘Nordan om Jorden’ by Flora Nordenskiold.

Rebeca Bashly: Igor Ballyhoo did deleted his account, and asked that notice about it is sent.It will take some time for infos to update.You can believe it or not, thats ur thing.

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the name of his alt?

16 thoughts on “The Day Igor Left me

  1. these people who insult you, SaveMe, seem to have such delicate sensibilities. I know Queen of the Fish is not malicious. Provocative?
    well yes.
    BTW, I have always understood one of the main purposes of the creation of art is to provoke…. provoke thought, provoke action, provoke conversation..
    In most art criticism provocative is a positive adjective!
    This must mean these people consider your art a good thing.

    • Well not quite self-announced. I voted for her and I never heard about anyone else getting more than one vote so She’s fairly elected in my opinion (unlike the former president Bush of the US).

    • Rose, be careful, before Igor delete his account he told me some spicy news about your early days in SL.!!!!!!

      • Igor was the second fish, before you coucoued him out! The best kept secret in SL.

  2. The Queen of Nordan: Flora conveniently is suffering some memory loss.
    She forgot my exhibit MEMORIES at her gallery in her celebration book.

    (This all because of the fact, I took up the role of superwoman to save Save from a very childish ban)

    Dear Flora, The Susa’s are my Art. I took it seriously when I created my exhibit for your gallery. I worked on it for at least 2 months, to make you
    something special. I care about what I make and for whom I make it.
    I vaguely remember your BF asking me about pictures for a book he was writing.
    I refused because I had my superwoman outfit on and tried to put some sense in your head concerning the Igor drama, not realizing this was the overview book of your gallery. Would have been nice if you had explained it to me yourself.
    Your heart and mind is not with art. You just delete and forget art when it does no fit you right.

    • And in the book also no sign of all the performance contributions I delivered for free to cheer up several boring opening events, nor a footnote about all the free publicity I generated by mentioning them over and over in my blog,

  3. The evening of this Conversation I came into SL to work on something. Just anything to get my mind off the stresses of the day. I was uploading images while a notice came thru from this group. SaveMe OH had made a video.

    I watched it. Made a comment. Kept working & if you can imagine this. Working with one eye on one thing following a conversation with the other eye then getting caught up in something you just didn’t even think was much to do about anything becomes a fiasco. A childish assault with the intent to create a conflict between two other people.

    An arr or a snicker or uh oh remark does not make you a collaborator in some kind of character bashing.

    Someone who either was watching or was a part of the few moments of that discussion if you want to call it that copied that chat text & sent it to another who took offense.

    Now Im on the Pheonix viewer & if anyone else is as well they know the names r not the same as the other viewers. A bit distracting now but thats how it is. Someone went out of their way to make it look like I was in on a character bashing. Why would they do that? Why did they go out of their way to do that?

    What could I have possibly done to that other person to want to do that? What was their motive? SaveMe Oh is known for her outlandish silly behavior that’s what makes her who she is.

    I asked later on in that conversation if what was being said was serious or where they playing around ect. But that text didn’t go to the person who took offense.

    I don’t have the exact chat on me here while writing this but I want this to be perfectly clear. Im a real grown up. a wife a mother with children who behave more mature than some of the people I have come across recently in SL.

    I don’t enjoy hurting people or pulling others into something to create drama or sabotage another for my own entertainment.

    Who ever sent the few lines of chat to this other person meant to insight a conflict between two people (myself & ColeMarie) to make it appear like I took joy in an insult directed @ her at the time which in the moment I only saw a small name & it was in the context of to me @ the time silly chat. I Just thought they were kidding around and the person it was directed at made a comment while on there as well that followed my own.

    Why in Gods name did someone single my words arr, snikers and uh oh out out all that? I know who was on there I have the chat on SL but it could have been someone just reading the chat. To that person who sent that chat to Cole Grow up. Stop those childish games. That was more nasty or evil than what they thought was even said.

    Do you know me? Why did you do that? Iv haven’t even been in SL the past yr & 1/2 enough to warrant such treatment. Iv spent most of that time helping my mother with my dying father, who passed in February so my heart is not hard it is still healing & then helping my mother get back on her feet. You really gave me some encouragement there.

    Dealing with the loss of my father & my Uncle right after has been difficult so my feelings r really raw at the moment and to escape into SL a place I thought I could just enjoy really has turned out to be like nightmare with the likes of people like you who ever you are. I hope your happy.

    SaveMe Oh I don’t really know who really if you think of it is most times the brunt of others jokes. I see it. No wonder she does what she does. To me looking back @ how others talk it’s like they want to keep her down or take enjoyment knocking her. why wouldn’t she act out. I think she is talented as well. We all do what we can with the resources we have. I recall some of her remarks to others who have hurt her in the past. I’m not that blind.

    This back stabbing & childish behavior is bullying like in the playground but with adults.Deliberate attacks on others to try and hurt them. When sometimes it works. Are you happy about that? You hurt me and another who believed we supported each which I do. That’s what hurt me more. Someone tried to damage a friendship of support by sending a portion of chat that only showed a tid bit of the conversation.

    The behavior of some of the people in Sl just confirms my distrust in the human heart once again. Other people may delight in hurting others but If you can stop & think why you are doing it. Maybe just maybe you’ll think twice about your motives. It doesn’t make you feel to good thinking about the person you may be does it.

    To SaveMe, your unique & talented as the rest of them but keep your integrity. to the person who felt insulted by any remarks made by me or SaveMe Im sorry if that’s how you took it.

    To the one who went to the lengths to copy the few lines of chat that made it look hurtful you have to live with yourself and what you did. I hope your happy about your childish attack which was worse than the silly chat that lasted no more than a few minutes while people worked away and had not intentions of hurting anyone for entertainment. What was your agenda?


    I just came across this this morning & well is this even worthy of responding to? Yes it was because I do enjoy SL and work with people who at least have a heart.

  4. Is groupchat art? Is it a place to find comfort? Is groupchat skype with virtual pics? Is one playing herself while the other is playing an avatar? We all don’t know and we all experiment between RL agreements on behavvior and unwritten rules on behavior in a virtual world. For the moment I feel free to try anything out as it comes up in my virtual mind which is partly stored at my harddisk and partly stored on my RL harddisk. Sometimes their connection is good, other times they function as two seperate minds. No guarantees are given so when it offends you, stay far from experiments and be happy being a mother. I for example find it quit offensive to be bothered with the losts in your family when I don’t know you at all. Now I have to stop experimenting because every avatar may just have lost someone? When you want to speak about that why not go on chatsites who are ment for that? Do I have to sense on your virtual face that you might have problems? By choosings an anonymous avatar you agree that you don’t want to be yourself, so don’t ask others to treat you like that.

  5. Your lost in your own blog there SaveMe. I was defending you. Not accusing you. My focus was on the person who copied the chat & sent it to someone else who got upset with me and I didn’t need that crap. (maybe you really don’t get it then or maybe it was you). It’s in the past now.

    What ever is in your mind bank virtual or real is fine with me but when someone who I do deal with in SL who I do like thinks I’m being critical of them in a nasty way. I clear it up.

    And don’t give me the “I don’t deal with the reality of your reality” BS When someone passes away in SL or has lost someone real people are sympathetic to others in the virtual world. We have lost some members & they meant something in virtual life & real life to even strangers.

    I guess there is no real way to talk to you even in a civil manner. It’s your thing to create drama. Good luck with that hope your proud of it. Sometimes this kind of drama is in poor taste not an art form for some. For me it’s ignorance & tasteless. Just my own opinion.

    I have read some of your conversations with others I have known in the past and some good people. I see what you do. You thrive on that conflict. I don’t call that art.

    Rudeness is never an art form it is a character flaw in real life and in a virtual world where some people do actually use it to have good experiences.

    Ya got me this time but your on your own now. I felt bad for you as an outcast SaveMe. But you lived up to your name.

  6. For 3 years i was trying to fuck with igor and now u killed him and i lost any chance, you stupid psychopathic bitch!!!!

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