Support Bannisty International, Buy The SaveMe Collection

In a joined effort to support Bannisty International Zola Zsun and SaveMe Oh worked together to help out this organisation that supports the banned avatar. The raised funds are used to build virtual bridges under which the banned avatars find some kind of shelter when they are once again expelled from virtual society’s. Bannisty International lawyer Sole Jie will be available for legal advice in cases were the rights of the free avatar have been taken away.

To make supporting charity fun Zola Zsun created the SaveMe collection. The first 3 releases are lovely tutu’s inspired on the wild and adventurous life of SaveMe Oh. Funny thing is that SaveMe also wears them herself a lot. From every sold tutu 25% will go to Bannisty International.

The first tutu is the Queen of fish, inspired on SaveMe’s secret hiding place in Two Fish. In a beautiful blue color, lightweight rayon fabrics with silk fabric fish. This is a unique vintage or fish style tutu.

The second tutu is the dark and foreboding BANNED tutu.

Third is  the pink, frully and playful pinkpenis tutu for the modern avatar woman who wants to make a firm statement.

All tutu’s are available in Zola Zsun’s shop for only 199 Linden.

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