Burn The Witch

After the horrible terror attacks in Norway some idiots in Second Life find it necessary to start a virtual war because some avatar, Igor Ballyhoo (sic) deleted his account. Hey….Big Deal. Very, very important in this moment of time. But it looks like unpaid bills have to be paid now and the idiots don’t hesitate to scream for ban, removal and exile were a little smile could do a miracle.


     We have found a witch. May we burn her?


     Burn her! Burn! Burn her! Burn her!


     How do you know she is a witch?


     She looks like one.


     Right! Yeah! Yeah!


Yesterday this note was send in Nordan Art group and CARP by Flora Nordenskiold and Josina Burgess. Read good what words they use:

For all people that hate terror on SL

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2011 22:51:51 GMT

Here is a very important note you need to read, plz do so.

Hi, Nordan Art group members,

You may have heard that Igor Ballyhoo deleted his account on July 23, 2011 (you can still find his profile, I think it takes about six months for it to be removed). The reason for this was he could no longer endure the persistent bullying and ongoing harassment by SaveMe Oh. She has been attacking him for the past year or so, part of this has been ongoing on her blog, part of it has been at gallery openings and part of it has been via private IM. 

Many of the Art groups, and also Nordan Art and CARP, discussed earlier tonight what could be done about this. We want Igor back and SaveMe to be removed. While there is still some RL business that needs to be affirmed before any action can be taken,  letters from art houses and art groups could greatly contribute and also personal letters from creators and art lovers like you. Also we will look into steps that can be taken in RL concerning the blog where she  writes her lies and harasses innocent people.

While we realize this is not an easy undertaking, we want to move forward with our plan. SaveMe Oh has terrorized SL long enough and nothing has ever been done about it. We ask you for your support in the form of a Letter of Complaint addressed to Rhett Linden, Director of Experience, Linden Lab. Drop it in his profile. The more people show that the terrorism Saveme Oh is acting out on SL is not longer possible; the more chance there is she will be removed from SL forever.

Thank you.

Josina Burgess: no stunt

Josina Burgess: Igor did delete his account

Cat Shilova: no one is totally innocent

Cat Shilova: and I don’t think delete an account is an accurate answer, but whatever….

Josina Burgess: terror on people is going too far, it lasted more than a year

Kiesta Aljon: seems like another stunt

Rose Borchovski: Igor had planned to make an art object for two fish

Rose Borchovski: I think you are out off line Josina

Cat Shilova: aren’t we grown up?

Rose Borchovski: there is another reason he left

Cat Shilova: terror, really….

Cat Shilova: terror?

Cat Shilova: this chat is upside down

Cat Shilova: this is just a new witch hunting

Cat Shilova: and I feel ashamed

ush Underwood: did Igor left a massage?

Cat Shilova: last wills?

ush Underwood: like that

ush Underwood: message

Asmita Duranjaya: sorry I wanted to ad a comment – if her account will be deleted she will create a new one 😦

Rose Borchovski: this is witch hunting, Flora and Josina on a broom, you ladies do not know half Igor’s SL

ush Underwood: the real reason  why Igor left  — is it a secret ?

Cat Shilova: whatever the reason is, it is a shame, and a huge one, to react like this

Cat Shilova: I would be ashamed in my rl and in my sl to sign anything which is written in this notecard

Elodie Footman: Can I do a movie with this fabulous story or is there a copyright on?

Josina Burgess: not flora and josina at all, just giving a note through does not mean its only josina and flora, believe me , many will celebrate the going forever of the troll

Rose Borchovski: hahahaha

Josina Burgess: terrorizing, faulmouthing, lying, harassing must be stopped

Cat Shilova: are you terrorized, Josina?

Elodie Footman: Well, I’m SaveMe, now you know 🙂

Cat Shilova: lol

Josina Burgess: I did send the note, I am backing it up, no more words about it needed, not interested in the troll at all, hope linden will remove her and that’s it from my side.

Tyrehl Byk: Would someone please send me a copy of this “note” that is circulating?  I have no idea what this drama is about.

ush Underwood: omg

ush Underwood: josina …. you must suffer for art .. then its art

Cat Shilova: psychodrama…..

Elodie Footman: ush is SaveMe?

ush Underwood: hehe  .. you are flattering …

Rose Borchovski: at Shilova: applauses

Ellayna Savira: theres loads of good artists on sl

Cat Shilova: loads????

Ellayna Savira: well, a few

ush Underwood: NOT JUST “LOADS”   ELL !

Kandinsky Beaumont: How can you use the word terror about this issue? Almost 80 persons, 68 of them children were shot to death in Oslo just some days ago. That is terror

Cat Shilova: right

Ellayna Savira: true ush

Elodie Footman: Out of topic Kandinsky. We must accept all that is less important than the biggest tragedy?

Cat Shilova: so please, Kandinsky is right: let’s relativise and use proper words. This is just a psychodrama in pixels

ush Underwood: :maybe josina feels really terrorized? why?

Cat Shilova: and Saveme says : the king is naked, and no one likes that

Cat Shilova: too many naked kings around, maybe?

Cat Shilova: no offence intended… I think of no one in particular….

Elodie Footman: No it’s a joke 😉

Elodie Footman: Well, I’m SaveMe, now you know 🙂

Cat Shilova: lol

Josina Burgess: I did send the note, I am backing it up, no more words about it

How did those two ladies describe me before you want to know????

Josina said this: https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/josina-once-said/

Flora said this: http://nordanomjorden.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/interview-saveme-oh/

12 thoughts on “Burn The Witch

  1. I’m leaving any group that sends out petty anonymous spam and then responds to outrage with “no more words about it.” Who the hell are these pompous people?

    On the other hand, I am glad to discover that Linden has a ‘Director of Experience’ Now I know who to complain to when I go to yet another boring shit gallery that wastes my time and bandwidth and SaveMe is not allowed there to cheer me up!

  2. OH for goodness sakes..

    1. it is very easy to ban someone.. click click
    2. it is very easy to block someone.. click click
    3. if one does not like what is written on a blog why is one reading it?
    4. obviously the harasee in question engaged the harassor on numerous occasions and it is commonly known ignoring unwanted attention decreases said attention far more effectively than any kind of engagement.
    5. GET A GRIP!
    7. I think I will write a letter to the Linden in question to ignore melodramatic pleas to SAVE artists and galleries from the EVIL and apparently UNCONTROLABLE baneeeee!
    8. this entire matter has been a source of great entertainment to those of us who understand the absurdity of this entire ongoing fued.
    9. so on second thought… keep complaining and giving SaveMe Oh attention!

  3. When SaveMe Oh puts out a post about having killed Igor the same day ppl hear about the amount of young ppl killed IRL in Norway because of their belief in multiculturalism..that is the day I stop caring about her (and ppl like me that used to like her) whatsoever..

  4. Also I see now that she erased that post… so ppl that didn´t happen to see it wonders wtf I´m talking about.. but like I said I really don´t care anymore..even though I never thought SaveMe was a coward until now 😦

    • Please Ampel, do me the favour to read better. I didn’t erase any post and it was not me that said “SaveMe OhI killed Igor”. I was desperate in love with the man. It was Rebeca Bashly who send that night notes around that I killed Igor and it is CARP and NORDAN who compare this with terror. What I did was sitting next to his gorgeous body and took pics for the family album. Don’t blame me for the wrong things please. For all other things you can blame me.

  5. I was accused by a CARP member for psycho-terror simply because i was getting exasperated by their total disregaurd for my time and work.
    I have chat logs and emails that prove that I remained extremely patient, civil and diplomatic to the very end. PSYCHO-TERROR indeed! Excuse me while I laugh! In response I simply said that anyone feeling psycho-terrorised by me should seriously consider seeing a shrink. I also reminded them that they are using imagined powers and that in RL such accusations are refered to as defamation of character ie. punishable by LAW!
    After that they merrily went ahead and used my work in these metaverse art books they are selling in real life.
    I know I am not the only one who had a serious overdose of CARPS lack of respect. Maybe CARP should think twice…

  6. All set and done now. Everyone has it’s hate and discontent and no one is without sin. Not elsewhere, not here. Simple as that. Hate against hate, accusations against accusations. The circle is round and that keeps this going on. Human beings are the stupidiest species in first, second and whatever life.
    *cut the crap, cut the circles, starting . . . now 🙂

  7. some people have no sense of humor. I just want to see a cage fight with SaveMe and Igor. Let’s get an SL detective to find Igor’s alt and set up a match…or a massage…either option works….

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