SaveMe Oh Exiled To Maputo

In a joined effort from me and Rhett (gone with the wind) Linden to control the damage that my daughter has caused in the recent weeks in Secondlife we will send her in an exile from 3 weeks to Maputo. We hope all people who had suffered from her attacks will get some clean air to breath and we call upon all of you to organize all kind of exhibitions in the coming 3 weeks of watercolor paintings from for example Josina Burgess or Merlina Rocoucou in heavenly attacked spots like CARP or in the beautiful and tasteful Igor Buildings in Nordan Art. And why not a revisit of the ART Ikea of UWA, where you will be able to shop undisturbed for cheap and colorful arty thingies? And Odyssey will celebrate the exile of my daughter with the resurrection of a huge Pink Penis called Narcissus. You will have guaranteed troll free fun where the only danger might be a sudden death caused by boredom.

And don’t forget to have a closer look at the paintings, turn them around and see how well the canvas if framed up with tiny little nails.

Cupido Oh

12 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh Exiled To Maputo

  1. hello Cupido, please tell your daughter to check out the Rodízio Real restaurant in Maputo (Av. Julius Nyerere, 792 – Tel.: (258) 14972759). I guarantee you she won’t be disappointed, in particular by their “baba de camelo” dessert — an exile should be as sweet as possible anyway. Regards to both of you!

  2. No Cupido, no, no!!
    This is an assault on your daughter and an offense for all of us that spend our lives in here following her adventurous travels!
    I have met your daughter several times and I even voted for her to be president and I have enjoyed her company. Don´t turn on your child, she is good hearted somewhere deep inside and… I even think maybe she has an awkward sense of humour that could develop into something really fine and sensitive given the chance… oh yes I am sure she could…

  3. Have a nice holiday Save, be sure to use enough sun screen (I know you have a delicate skin), stay away from exhaust pipes, don’t drink water out of a tap, and sent me a postcard with how much you miss me. As the first Lady of Two Fish, I will take up your responsibilities As President.

    PS; Igor’s Alt just sent me the loveliest message that he also will delete this account.

  4. Have fun Save we will look after your realm of immagination. Take care and do not give attention to any ‘alt’ you meet there. He cannot live without you!! Ciao Save

  5. Save I find it a interesting that you and Igor poofed at exactly the same time… You know you can always tell us everything.
    Big spherical love, Sca

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