When They Surprised Me With Their Pink Penisses Under My Tutu

When Rhett (gone with the wind) Linden and my father Cupido Oh exiled me to Maputo some people like Josina Burgess, Flora Nordenskiold and Huckleberry Hax thought and hoped and prayed it was the end of the horrible and terrible SaveMe Oh that they hated so deeply. But it turned out to develop into a completely different story they had expected.

During my exile the now already famous Pinkpenis Tutu, one of the exclusive items from the SaveMe Collection, created by top fashion designer Zola Zsun became the “piece the resistance”. My dear Swiss friend Cat Shilova, who taste like an Emmentaler cheese great around the holes, start to wear the Pinkpenis Tutu as a symbol against oppression and mean witch hunts against people who dare to speak out. She then forced her boyfriend Iono Allen to shave his legs (he had to make it up to her after his liaison with Jaynine Scarborough in Amerongen) and also wear the Pinkpenis Tutu. My wife Rose Borchovski, who doesn’t dare to propose me, dared them all to appear in Pinkpenis Tutus on the opening night of the disappeared but not really disappeared love of my life Igor Ballyhoo. And here you can read how it turned out. http://nordanomjorden.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/metamorphosis-opening/

And while wearing the Pinkpenis Tutu the inspiration came as a lightning into the heads of the Pinkpenis brigade, they saw the light, they realized in that bright moment of time that making art is all about communication, inspiration and reflection on yourself and the world around you. Marmaduke Arado and Kikas Babenco were released out of their boxed prisons and decided that live surrealistic storytelling about Pinkpenis Tutu history was now their reflection to be done on this time and age.

Sca Shilova who had to lick the asses of Josina Burgess and Velazques Bonetto for so long made asslicking to an art form and came with a clear analyze of the events. http://thepinkpenistutuballet.blogspot.com/2011/08/senceless-acts-of-discipline.html?showComment=1313925561936#c8490279004845154757

Rose Borchovski, who thought she invented her Susa Bubble story for her daughter to understand the world, realized at once that she could also show her what happened with SaveMe Oh to understand how the world works as Susa 5 in a Pink Penis Tutu is tiptoe synchronic to SaveMe Oh.

And Luce Laval cried out “SaveMe SaveMe Not”. Eupalinos Ugajin was lost in the woods as a deed of resistance. Ampel Goosson, who can’t dance, who can’t make movies or has any artistic idea but is the best philosopher that nobody understands did his best on the first schizophrenic Swedish Cancan dance with a asymmetric polyrhythmic moose swing, and poor Ush Underwood, who only exist to be named in Ampels blog or my blog succeeded again to live up to the expectations.

Ed Vespucciano, who didn’t make a movie anymore who was not about me after he met me did one more.

…..because he couldn’t resist….another one…..

Larkworthy Antfarm made the official erecting of the Pink Penis Tutu Movement visible in her great movie.

I was nice to Betty Tureaud, making only one OMO joke, we cured Dan Yapunku from his Russian illness, we made Lapsus Weinstein circle around life and we all enjoyed the silence of the alts from Igor Ballyhoo, Josina Burgess, Flora Nordenskiold and Huckleberry Hax who did their utterly best to look unsuspicious hiding under noobhair.

And of course the Italians waited until the party was finished to sneak in secretly; ashamed as they are that after Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia they are not able to get rid of Silvio Berlusconi and still hide all together in their sad second lives.

And now, guess what…I will be send in exile again for two weeks to a sunny beach in Portugal, so my expectations are high for the next surprise I will get and I am quite sure it will be a Desmond Tutu Ballet about love, friendship, inspiration and forgiveness. The Desmond Tutu will be available in Zola Zsun’s shop soon when she is not too lazy.

I will do in the mean time my best to not start loving people to much as it makes my axe incredible blunt.

10 thoughts on “When They Surprised Me With Their Pink Penisses Under My Tutu

  1. I spammed Second-life like mad, Everyone was invited to witness the return of the Witch. Please become member of The Smell of Fish or The Pink Penis Tutu ballet and you won’t miss a thing anymore ♥

  2. Apmel: I read your blogg as many bloggs – and daily – BUT No info when and where and no LM only a word – SECRET… at your blogg – And no NC and no mail – you know how to reach me IF you want..

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