Give Them Space

Of course I can do everything myself better but you also have to give the old dogs some space. As they are on a certain age things develop a little slower. And when I am all the time around doing things 10 times quicker than them now and then you just have to leave otherwise they may sink in a depression of uselessness.

That’s why this time I will go voluntarily two weeks in exile on a nice beach so all my followers have space to find their Desmond Tutu inside. And so I give them again the opportunity to prepare me a great “surprise party” which will make them feel very proud. I will then praise them again and tell them they are great talents and artistic minds and after I will slowly give them, almost unnoticed, direction to the real thing.

 Tutu is the thing but Oh is Cheesus.

24 thoughts on “Give Them Space

    • Can you imagine Ed, the idiots were hours talking how to send a notecard? And when it was a notecard to Desmond Tutu ok, but it was a notecard to ArtIKEA leader Jayjay Zifanwe and Walt Disney’s fanclub leader Bryn Oh who happen to be unfortunately my sister. The so called defenders of freedom as begging doggies for a one month use of a SIM (when you behave of course to their sad little rules). “Do we need PINK in or out the title, do we need the penis in or out?” and they babbled on and on.
      And now the NOT owners are allowed to play a little with the grounds, level them up, level them down, put the water high, put the water low, cover them with pink colors, cover them with stones. My god, am I happy that I have to go in exile because burning myself everyday hardly works anymore to cool my mind.

  1. I’m saved by cheesus

    But then again:

    Tutu is the Thing!
    and Oh…. is on a holiday !

    So time to play and free us from the Oh direction!!

      • and when “Oh” comes back( totally burned pink by the Portuguese sun): We say “woof” and show her our doggie tutu performance, including the jump through the fired hoop.
        She will still feel as if she was in control.

  2. When a Rose starts barking
    while happy juggling in the air
    a good slap in the face
    from a heavy pink penis
    would not be more than fair

    When an Oh gives direction
    even from a far away beach
    don’t dance on her grave
    as the hands from Cheesus
    might still have you in comfortable reach

    (Luís de Camões)

  3. All you penises seem to have have missed that there is an athletics world championship going on in South Korea. Are you sure that’s not where SaveMe is?

  4. Wau wau!!
    Au Au!!
    Woof woof!!
    Waf Waf !!
    Arf Arf!!
    Tutu Tutu !!
    Wüff wüff!!
    Ouff Ouff!!
    Ouah Ouaaaaaahh!!
    Pink Pink!!

    Collective Pink Tutu Bark rehearsal

  5. When I jumped the hurdle
    and was floating in clean air
    I felt complete freedom
    as I know they all
    became finally aware

    When I completed 400 meters
    faster than the light
    they all barked
    out of pure relief
    but behind them I had them again clear in sight

    When I throw the spear
    a horizon near
    the doggies licked
    happy their pink penisses
    knowing it was Save, nothing to fear

    (Fernando Pessoa)

    • “O poeta é um fingidor.
      Finge tão completamente
      Que chega a fingir que é dor
      A dor que deveras sente.

      E os que lêem o que escreve,
      Na dor lida sentem bem,
      Não as duas que ele teve,
      Mas só a que eles não têm.”

      (Fernando Pessoa, escrito no Dia das Mentiras de 1931)

      “The poet is a pretender.
      He pretends so completely
      That he even pretends it’s pain
      The pain that he really feels.

      And those who read his writings,
      Sense well in the pain they read,
      Not the two pains he had
      But only the one they lack.”

      (Fernando Pessoa, written on April Fool’s Day 1931)

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