Two New Masterpieces In The SaveMe Collection

Zola Zsun created two new masterpieces based on my incredibble Secondlife.

The Lost Love Tutu, based on SaveMe Oh’s dramatic relation with Igor Ballyhoo has all the makings of a biting, sarcastic masterpiece. The forced smile on Igor’s face is dreary and bleak in a jaded and clever dialogue with the red hearts (will they break?). When wearing this dress be sure you will not end up in easily-digested happy endings.


The Desmond Tutu

 “Be nice to your enemies, they need you to rediscover their humanity”; thats what this beautiful new piece of the SaveMe Collections seems to say to us. The Desmond Tutu features hand embroidered work with white lace and the icon and spirit of Desmond Tutu felt present in every stitch. The Desmond Tutut can serve as a great addition to any Pink Penis Tutu ballet and will be as a shining light on every boring event that needs to be spiced up. The material is light, yet durable and will withstand all attacks of jealousy.


In a joined effort to support Bannisty International Zola Zsun and SaveMe Oh worked together to help out this organisation that supports the banned avatar. The raised funds are used to build virtual bridges under which the banned avatars find some kind of shelter when they are once again expelled from virtual society’s. Bannisty International lawyer Sole Jie will be available for legal advice in cases were the rights of the free avatar have been taken away.

 All tutu’s are available in Zola Zsun’s shop for only 199 Linden.

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