Suspended From SL For 4 Weeks?

SaveMe Oh: When you get me unbanned there by mister Moya I might come.

Jayjay Zifanwe: oh who banned SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: I guess Mister Moya, but I can’t remember why.

Aruba DeCuir: when are you banned from SL….?

SaveMe Oh: anyone an idea what I could have done wrong once?

Aruba DeCuir: general hostility and rudeness maybe

SaveMe Oh: could be but I changed completely

SaveMe Oh: I am now sweet and caring

RAG Randt: there goes your art saveme 😦

Aruba DeCuir: what a loss

SaveMe Oh: I forgive everybody before I even met them as those bans prevent me from meeting anybody

Aruba DeCuir: well I can’t blame people who have banned you

Aruba DeCuir: I actually heard you where suspended from sl for 4 weeks?

SaveMe Oh: So ask mister Moya to lift the ban and tell him I will do my best to pretend liking his colorful work

SaveMe Oh: I was not suspended for 4 weeks, the Linden begged me to come back early from holidays as SL was getting so boring

Aruba DeCuir: naturally

SaveMe Oh: and here I am

SaveMe Oh: everybody happy

Aruba DeCuir: life was better with you gone….

Ziget Tammas: wb Save

SaveMe Oh: I forgive you that remark Aruba

SaveMe Oh: you see?

SaveMe Oh: how sweet I am now?

SaveMe Oh: I will even encourage everybody to go to Aruba’s place every Sunday to buy every time the same shit of yours for 99 linden, Aruba, how is that?

56 Voom: gaaah lol

SaveMe Oh: Next Sunday again, Aruba?

Aruba DeCuir: Listen….. What I do is none of your business

SaveMe Oh: shall we have a happy party there to celebrate?

Aruba DeCuir: you are rude and a pinta

SaveMe Oh: When you also unban me at your place I will come for sure

56 Voom: * is this group gone totally gaga now?

Aruba DeCuir: no chance

SaveMe Oh: and might bring 99 linden

Jayjay Zifanwe: people always go gaga about saveme

SaveMe Oh: to buy something and act as if I like it

56 Voom: hehehehehe

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want you to be poor, Aruba

SaveMe Oh: everybody needs a few Linden in life

Aruba DeCuir: you only like your self

SaveMe Oh: that true but I will hide that as I am sweet and caring now

Aruba DeCuir: and do not call my work names – you haven’t even seen it

SaveMe Oh: Aruba, dear, what beautiful things you made lately?

SaveMe Oh: I wish I could see them (if you not had banned me)

SaveMe Oh: are you still in the abstract blue period or are you moving slowly towards reality?

Aruba DeCuir: when you one day stop editing what I have said (and stop adding your own nonsense) and when you do adhere to TOS……

SaveMe Oh: The Linden allowed me to use their TOS as toilet paper

Aruba DeCuir: and you are still in your anal period

SaveMe Oh: artists and TOS don’t fix together

SaveMe Oh: Artists who live by TOS are no artists

SaveMe Oh: they are collaborators

Aruba DeCuir: you must know…

SaveMe Oh: clients

SaveMe Oh: buyers

SaveMe Oh: slaves

Aruba DeCuir: sure….

SaveMe Oh: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on ‘Report Abuse’

SaveMe Oh: if that is any help?

SaveMe Oh: but since I am sweet and caring they don’t report me anymore

SaveMe Oh: (there is a rumor all Linden died already last year.)

Aruba DeCuir: I would be very careful to use the word slaves about other people….

SaveMe Oh: Aruba, you are a 99 linden slave!

Aruba DeCuir: why the fuck is it so wrong of me to sell my art at a democratic price?

Aruba DeCuir: snob!

SaveMe Oh: nothing wrong darling, very good of you, in those times of crisis

Aruba DeCuir: do you think the peeps who sell art at 1500L a piece sells any?

SaveMe Oh: We can not all be so fortunate like me , I don’t have to sell anything. People just send me money after they had a good laugh.

Aruba DeCuir: others have to work

SaveMe Oh: I am so filthy rich, have no idea what to do with all the Linden

Aruba DeCuir: easy to solve such problems

SaveMe Oh: when I buy 10 of your works, do I get a discount?

SaveMe Oh: And do I have to frame them myself?

Aruba DeCuir: you will never be admitted at my land

SaveMe Oh: And what color shall I paint my virtual wall to hang the stuff?

SaveMe Oh: anyone knows a good virtual wall painter?

Aruba DeCuir: my work will never adorn your walls

SaveMe Oh: for the moment I don’t have wall as walls, kitchens and pizzas are quit useless in SL

Aruba DeCuir: you never got the idea of a virtual world

SaveMe Oh: Now please Aruba, stop spamming this group with all your words. People have better things to do than listen to you.

Aruba DeCuir: still the old rude person…

15 thoughts on “Suspended From SL For 4 Weeks?

  1. I thought I would let this go.. but when Aruba talks about SaveMe not getting the idea of a virtual world I can´t. This is the same ava that threatened Apmel with the almighty US RL law because she never understood virtual worlds to start with.


  2. And Apmel.. I asked you – kindly at first – not to abuse my work. Not to use my work without my permission or knowledge…
    You plainly refused…. I told you that what you did was against most
    countries laws on copyrigth… I did not mention US law…
    Your rage against US – RL Law it is thus wrong.
    Svenska Lens Rettan would be more likely…

  3. I specially like the “I would be very careful using the word slave… etc.”
    I did not know this was an insult…. remind me to talk with my lawyer to check it, loool (which lawyer, btw??).

  4. The fact that SaveMe do use copy/paste – and furthermore edits it…
    Is against TOS and therefore not allowed – not even in The Nederlands….

  5. I am far to lazy to edit this chatlogs. When you want better lines, think first before you produce those stupidity. Do like me and try to let every sentence be a shining example of wisdom.

  6. for Apmel… if I have mentioned US law it is because SL is CA based… – what I do try to say is that your use of my works and what
    I was supposed to have said is simply not allowed either by normal ethics and or by the laws of most western countries….
    But I guess you all are safe to keep on slandering me as I am not as filthy rich as SaveMe…..

  7. Aruba sends us this. For your info.

    Art on Sunday
    Sunday, 02 Oct 2011 10:58:26 GMT

    Today I have 2 pictures – each at 99L…
    I have decided to take a break – so the next few
    Sundays there will be no new art…
    I guess I am a bit tired – lets see what happens.

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