SaveMe Oh Wins UWA Award

Jayjay Zifanwe says:


October 7, 2011 at 8:00 am

I did promise SaveMe I would confirm it… so… ummm… here is the confirmation

Here the speech that I gave when Jayjay handed me over the award:

When I was thinking over my entry for the month September I first thought of entering a nine-level work based upon the nine circles of art described in the Art, the first part of my poem, the Art Comedy. The nine circles of the Art are located within earth and are separated into three parts, representing three types of art; self-indulgent art (the first five circles), violent art (circles six and seven) and malicious art (circles eight and nine).

When I would have entered the work the journey would starts off in the dark woods of art, where we first meet SaveMe Oh (ME!!!)  the poet, who will guide us in our travels to the world and through the nine circles of art. Grey art, threatening seeming forest consists of barren trees, with suffering faces as an integral part of their trunks. On our journey, we will continue seeing SaveMe, not only as a guide, but also a teleport, transporting us through the nine circles of art. We eventually enter through the Gate of Art, noting the inscription “abandon all art” above the gate. The entrance is large and dark, lending a sense of doom.

The first circle, SaveMe’s Limbo, is a region on the edge of art and it is meant for those who did not accept Cheesus, in some sense it is a lesser form of OH Heaven. The OH castle with the seven gates, representing seven virgins, is large and dark. We enter from a bridge and then find ourselves standing in a yard, with a grass ground, in front of groups of white, translucent figures sitting on the grass in the dark; these are some of the great thinkers, wise woman, scientists, poets and philosophers. Entering the castle, we first come across SaveMe and Oh. As we continue, climbing winding stairs, we see other white, translucent figures, there is even a child in a closet at the bottom of the staircase.

The second circle, SaveMe’s Lust, contains those led astray by lust; these are the first ones truly punished in art. We find ourselves standing in a barren, moonlike landscape, on the edge of a large, deep hole, out of which a reddish, translucent whirlwind of faces appear. These faces seem to be in great agony and distress. Here we witness the conflict of art and lust and the tension between attraction and desire.

The third circle, SaveMe’s Gluttony, is a space for those involved with self-indulgence art and art addiction. This is a gloomy place where arty people lie scattered in a brownish area containing vile slush and mud produced by a never-ending muddy rain. There is a sense of doom and darkness hovering over these artists suffering in their own misery.

The fourth circle, SaveMe’s Greed, contains two groups of those plagued by over-art consumption; those who art hoard and those who waste art. We witness a struggle here; artists pushing large, heavy balls in a barren, grey landscape. They seem to be going nowhere, yet appear to be investing an enormous amount of effort. There is no UWA winner and it never ends. This is a place where artists punish and insult each other, but without effect. This group is ultimately the most offensive to the spirit of art.

The fifth circle, SaveMe’s Anger, is represented by those who can no longer find joy in art; those who express anger (wrath) and those who repress it (sullenness). We find here groups of deadly pale artists covered in blood, biting off each others’ flesh, clearly in agony and struggling. They are situated in the SaveMian marsh, in the swamp-like water of the river Oh. There is a sense of intense frustration.

The sixth circle, SaveMe Heresy, is a location where violent and malicious art sins are punished. We find at the entrance to the ironclad walls of the city this three blood covered figures with threatening heads; these are the three art furry’s. Once we pass them, we are inside the city, surrounded by artists trapped in flaming tombs. We can see here Flora, extending and towering out of her tomb and Newbab, who only lifts his head above the edge of his tomb.

The seventh circle, SaveMe’s Violence, consists of three rings; outer, middle and inner. The outer ring represents violence against artists by simowners; those staying there are punished, resulting in a river of blood. This ring is guarded by the violent Burners, men from the waist up with and down big assholes. The middle ring holds violence against self; these artists are living in a horrid forest. Josinies, foul creatures with the head of a woman and body of a packet of Color Washing Powder, are perched in suicide trees. The inner ring symbolizes violence against Cheesus; those situated there find themselves on barren sand ignited by sparks of fire.

The eight circle, SaveMe’s Fraud, can be reached only by descending a vast cliff on the back of Janick, a winged monster with mixed human, bestial and communist nature. Those guilty of deliberate evil art are located in Piratia (evil pockets), which in turn is divided into ten Piraties, or ditches of stone, with bridges spanning the ditches. The ten Piraties contain seducers, flatterers, those committing simony, false artists, corrupt artists, hypocrites, art thieves, fraudulent artists, sowers of discord and various kinds of art falsifiers.

The ninth circle, SaveMe Treachery, contain those artists who have committed acts which involve betraying some kind of special relationship. We see these traitors being frozen in a green-blue, or teal, colored lake of ice known as Carptus. Ice spikes surround them. In the very centre of Art, condemned for committing the ultimate sin, personal treachery against Cheesus, is Linden. Linden presents with three faces (black, red and yellow), a large imposing figure, beating his six wings; this act is ultimately what causes the river Carptus to freeze.

But when thinking it over very well I decided that this pompous, pretentious prim wasting idea was better replaced by a clean non-entry in the month September for which I won that fantastic UWA prize.

I want to thank Jayjay for his wisdom, my daddy Cupido for making me and Rose for being my future wife.

24 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh Wins UWA Award

  1. Ah yes, I see what you’ve done here – taken someone else’s work and poured biting scorn on it by inserting references to yourself and a few knowing nods at those deluded people who have the audacity to enjoy art in different ways from you. What precision writing! And not at all self-promotion through pointing at and making fun of someone. Art is such an improving experience!

    • Couldn’t you all come up with something else than taking up Dante’s work, pour some pseudo intellectual references and some post modern doom in it and pretend it’s all your own. This self promotion with the work of Dante will hopefully lead to some improving experiences for you all but try to invent something yourself next time. Or try to become the Dante from secondlife, like me!

    • First of all thank you for pointing out that Saveme, reworked the wonderful description of Flora. Since I’m brainless and didn’t notice that Save wrote again another critical parody. I sincerely believed that all this quoting and copy/paste out of Dante was of her own imagination and copying skills. (Perhaps unnecessary to appoint, but since we all seem to need help to understand parody and irony, my remark was ironic)

      But then:
      Since when is self promoting a dirty word!
      Should we all lay our hands in self-appointed curators? Which have declared themselves: knowledgeable experienced judges, so they can hand out self invented awards. Is that the kind of promotion we should wait and pray for?

      Let me shine some light on the matter and give you an example:
      I will never get the Nordan Art prize. Because I’m not on Flora’s: interesting artist list anymore, because I dared to be critical about her. It has nothing to do with my art in sl being good or bad. It is about being liked or not liked.

      The self appointed curators in SL turned the promoting of art into a huge ridiculous art contest. Most of the self appointed curators in sl are still not creative enough to find other ways to promote the art in sl. Instead of focusing on how to get a wider and new audience, we keep stirring the same old soup containing mostly artist and self-appointed curators.
      Self-promoting is necessary to survive; otherwise I create a self-organized death of my art in sl, because I’m not liked enough by self appointed curators.

      But then:
      Yes of course, I’m happy to say, also great things happen in sl and other ways are found to push art in sl and to connect artists:

      Roxelo Babanco:
      CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur : Meta Body, sl sim Delicatessen

      And then:
      Some necessary self-promotion: Please visit my “ Fear of Falling “ at the Galleria Arte Libera of Simba la Gitana

      But then again:
      You knew that already, only Flora is not blogging about my art anymore because I’m too critical and she does not like that.
      People in glasshouses should not throw stones.

      • Oh Rose, and you don’t reject people for being even a tiny weeny bit critical? And you don’t live in a glass house?

        You ejected me from a project that I helped to set up. A project born from a movement that was set up in the spirit of freedom from abusers of power in SL. In this project you are involved as land owner and since you have some string pulling power you became the “project owner” as well.

        Power is often abused in SL, and SL is full of self-appointed whatevers. People who *by default* think they are better. There is much to be learnt in one life time and I think the dumbest mistake anyone can ever make is to presume they are better!

        In a virtual world text is all there is to go by, and inbetween those small chunks of data there is a lot of space for people to fill with arrogance, insecurity, presumption or whatever variety of projections each individual person can come up with.

        There are no guilty people and no innocent people, just a lot of bullshit that people need to work through before they even think about picking up a stone.

        Sca Shilova

    • And, Rose, rest assured, I will blog about your work at Simba’s place, simply haven’t gotten to it yet. In my book, you are one of the most talented artists in SL.

      • OMG Rose, she will blog about your work, and maybe you could still win the Nordan Art Award and with that prize money we could go on honeymoon to the Bahamas instead of Pieterburen.

    • No one appoint curators? It is a job, a serious hard working job, that needs education and knowledge of art and most important a vision. Or maybe I confuse it now with RL and in Sl it s a hobby???

      • Oh, so we are in agreement! Above you repeatedly speak of self-appointed curators and it was confusing.

      • I’m confused now, but if it makes you happy , I agree with you.
        I used the word “self” many times, since you have used it on me so many times. It had probably been better if I had explained my ironic wordplay more clearly. Thank you for your thorough response and ignoring the rest of what I tried to explain.
        Keep on stirring the soup !

      • I think if you can find people with knowledge of art, or experience, or proven talent/ability/skill, that would be good.

  2. I like your writings. I do not understand the UWA award stuff, but I like the ideas. I think a lot of people go through hard times and experiences, whether they are more external (traumatic experiences like crime, natural disaster, violence, etc.) or internal (dealing with difficult emotions, memories, thoughts). We can learn about people’s inner mental states and experiences by viewing their art of cues and clues. We can use these “hints” to help us know how to support them and treat them, so they feel comfort and nurtured in this life.

    Not all people will agree, but my thought is to learn how to meet people’s needs best – I do not think people only need criticism, but need nurturance, too. Criticism allows us to shift our perspective and view situations with new light. For example, I think Saveme is asking us, “If we are feeling bad when we make art, is it the art that causes us to feel bad? Should we continue to make art if we feel bad in doing so?” However, because some people will feel strong emotions – shame for doing something “wrong” or from benefiting from someone else (perhaps they believe they must manage everything all by them self and have a hard time getting feedback from others). So I think when we make art criticizing society, we can also tailor it to meet people’s emotional needs, not just their intellectual and aesthetic ones!

    I know this from personal experience – in my life, my teachers at school were always so much more nurturing to me than at home with my parents, so I learned how to be nurturing in a very abstract sense and when my friends told me that I need to be more nurturing in a physical sense, I had to learn quite a bit more about managing my time. I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know more already, but then I realized other people judging me is not the part to focus on. The part to focus on is learning and benefiting from criticism!

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