Next UWA Award Already In The Pocket



Jayjay Zane: your work should have big chance for award

SaveMe Oh: of course, all my works do

SaveMe Oh: Especially the Nordan prize, Pirats prize and CARP prize are almost certain.

Jayjay Zane: ah yes then you will be in the grand finale

SaveMe Oh: only the non-entry award will not be mine this time, but the non scripted with almost no wasted prims award will be for this glorious winner too. Can I already get a pre-payment on my prizemoney? As I am getting married I have to buy dishes and cups for our new house?

Jayjay Zane: i dont have money

Jayjay Zane: must ask my boss

SaveMe Oh: As I prefer to buy the dishes and cups myself. Before you know all so called friends like Bryn, Alizarin, Artistide, Nessuno and Cherry will come with those ugly selfmade arty stuff as a present. And then we have to give it away to the garbageman unnoticed.

Jayjay Zane: you can give to me

Jayjay Zane: i dont have much things

SaveMe Oh: Ok, thats a deal. You get al that garbage people will give us. But please don’t tell it our so called friends.

SaveMe Oh: 10000 Linden will do for the moment, Rose has not a very expensive taste and she loves pizza.

Jayjay Zane: 😦

Jayjay Zane: i dont have money

SaveMe Oh: ask you boss

Jayjay Zane: Zifanwe dont trust me with linden

SaveMe Oh: Rose also don’t trust me with Linden, but for other reasons, lol.

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