How To Deal With Paparazzi Fishing For Breaking News

As Rose and I will marry soon we invited Ampel the Moose to be our official blogger but he must not think that cheap gossip is something our friends appreciate. What happend with good journalism?

Apmel Goosson: have you set a date for the divorce yet?

SaveMe Oh: never, this will be eternal

Apmel Goosson: big words..

SaveMe Oh: She is a big girl

Apmel Goosson: hehe..nooo.I´ve seenh RL-pictures..she is just right:)

SaveMe Oh: Did I say somehing else?

Apmel Goosson: no:)

SaveMe Oh: She is the wonder of nature

Apmel Goosson: yes..congrats Saveme

SaveMe Oh: ty

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to try something with me anymore

SaveMe Oh: I am completely done with men

Apmel Goosson: ¨haha. I never did

SaveMe Oh: when you call your behavior in the past “not doing something” I am happy to tell you, you never have to start doing something what it means in your mind

Apmel Goosson: you lost me

SaveMe Oh: In my present situation thats better for you

SaveMe Oh: You better try your tricks on Tina, Kandi or Ush

Apmel Goosson: whatever.. I must be the only one in this universe not scared of you

SaveMe Oh: I am the most loving and caring person in SL, what is all this????

Apmel Goosson: why did Marma and Kikas dissapear?..And don´t give me bullshit..because I got a long notecard from Marma

Apmel Goosson: just trying to get news for my scandal blog!

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know if everybody got the same notecard

Apmel Goosson: I got a personal one..because of my comment on the the post that SOMEONE decided to take away to my great regret

SaveMe Oh: on the pink tutu blog?

Apmel Goosson: yes

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos is in charge of that

Apmel Goosson: I hate censorship

SaveMe Oh: so he must have done that

SaveMe Oh: but my latest news is that Marma had a severe foodpoisoning because he eat too much baba de camelo

SaveMe Oh: thats a Portugese desert

SaveMe Oh: meaning spit of the camel

Apmel Goosson: ok..tell him to put Sca’s original post back in..togeher with the comments.or Roses argument with Sca doesn´t make sense to readers that don´t know the background..this kind of thing pisses me off

SaveMe Oh: I never speak with him, actually

Apmel Goosson: ok..visste inget om food poisoning

Apmel Goosson: didn´t know of that

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos is a mystery to me too

SaveMe Oh: I was on holidays, and when I came back the whole situation exploded in my face

SaveMe Oh: can you imagine???

Apmel Goosson: no

SaveMe Oh: It also puzzles me

Apmel Goosson: frankly no!

SaveMe Oh: It always happens when I am on holidays

Apmel Goosson: bullshit

SaveMe Oh: when I am there they can fight all together against me

SaveMe Oh: but when I am gone they start to shoot eachother

Apmel Goosson: Eupa had nothing to do with this..

SaveMe Oh: It must have been that desert

Apmel Goosson: *sigh* don´t know why I thouht I would get any info from you :).. cu Save.have more important things to do now

SaveMe Oh: Send me the note and I will tell you if its true

Apmel Goosson: no way..but you are way off in your thinking

SaveMe Oh: I expect them to do the ballet for the wedding, and they didn’t say no yet.

Apmel Goosson: that´s the least of our problems..they are supposed to,play for the PeaceFest on mine and Kandis place before that

SaveMe Oh: So better be nice to them

SaveMe Oh: OMG, maybe the Swedish people pissed them off.

Apmel Goosson: be nice

Apmel Goosson: you did

SaveMe Oh: did you say something bad about Portugal?

Apmel Goosson: cu Saveme have to go

SaveMe Oh: Did you make fun of them??????

Apmel Goosson: YOU DID

SaveMe Oh: Noooo, they always send me “Always look on the bright side of life” so they love fun….

SaveMe Oh: Can’t be that.

10 thoughts on “How To Deal With Paparazzi Fishing For Breaking News

  1. I start to wonder if Flora was right to kick you out of the Nordan Prize Comitee of UWA. I never realised that you would go that far to fill your blog. Why you don’t write about our deep love? Why don’t you write about the scent of a roseskin and the wild curls in her hair?

  2. Sweetest SaveMe, I am really upset over your suggestion that Apmel should try his “ticks” on me!!

    I know he always winks one of his eyes in my direction and puts on that “won´t you come over to my bedroom right now”-smile. But honestly, how can you ever underestimate my intelligence so much that you ever thought I could even consider that?

    Our relationship is purely intellectual, and to tell you the truth, sometimes very tiresome for me as he seldom reaches my level of intelligence. There is always a lot of explanation going on between us…

    And actually, I feel sorry for him, cause I think the constant blinks are indeed tics.
    But I let him believe he is the great seducer… to keep him happy, the poor thing. (old female jungle-trick)

  3. For his sake, Kandinsky, please let’s pretend we fight over him as he is to old to recover from a return in reality.

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