Megalomaniacs Compare Their Dicks

In the contest of big, bigger, biggest the chosen ones, who took the bait the Linden held in front of their eager noses, we saw the megalomaniacs this week in an ultimate ejaculation of bullshit. First there was Rebeca Bashly who needed nine floors to show us hell now we have the upper priest of megalomania DanCoyote Antonelli hosting LEA1.

 At the ground floor we have the ridiculous structure of the Coyote himself in an ultimate example of prim waste and after we have the competition between the “artists” he collected to prepare his huge club sandwich of megashit. At every stage of this club sandwich we find sad artists waiting for a lonely visitor to pass by (but they have to compete with 20 other artists this night) and all is topped off with a performance of Emoticon by Josina Burgess and Velazquez Boneto of which the expiry date has long passed.

Glued in their ever present, now vintage, chairs we are again bombed in the old Leni Riefenstahl tradition with images that rotate, pulsated, color change and flexied through the night and a speaker who fires pseudo intellectual reflection questions at the paralized audience. When I reflect on it I say: “what a bullshit” and I was forced again to interact, or grief as some say to show that when you want this you also can wear it all and don’t have to build this temples of megalomania.

Poor Oberon Onmura with his serene structures was complety lost in this diaroha of images and even my dear auntie Selavy Oh lost it completely this time by not realising her work Zebra Crossing could be worn on her old shoulders and performed everywere.Ofcourse the Linden do their best to catch open minded spirits and lock them up, we have now griefers day, interactive bullshit in LEA4 were we can sit in a flower of colors by  Glyph Graves which I wear myself everyday at breakfast or fly on a rocket of Maya Paris to hear BOOM and BANG or follow the notecard art of THE PATH curated by my dear sister Bryn Oh in LEA 2 in which you have to play the game of understand the metaphore (did i get it right that every hole needs a key???).

On the brink of going totally insane I was only released in time by that one simple performance that saved my life yesterdaynight; The Mask in the only sim in secondlife that really gives us the endowment of arts, Odyssey. A simple performance with the power of all LEA and BURN and UWA together, made by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Kai Steamer.

I am looking forward so much to my wedding soon after which I might step out of the arts completely to spend all my time in washing clothes, vacuumcleaning and making pizza for my sweet Rose. Although…Who has to save all those poor wandering souls then???

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