She Is The Rose, I Am The Thorn

Falling in love with Rose comes for her at the high cost of losing busloads of her so called friends. As my hot romantic bounding with her absorb all her time, that would otherwise be invested in coucou-ing around during openings of art exhibitions with parked wannabe artists who occupy these places to become noticed, she doesn’t feel the effect yet. But soon she will. She will be made clear that her biggest mistake ever, which will never be forgiven by her old “friends”, is choosing ME!

Several friends who were asked to participate in our wedding didn’t know how to tell Rose nicely that if SaveMe Oh was going to be her bride they would never speak a word with her again. Her unconditional love for me comes at a high cost.

Friends who agreed to participate are now under attack from the art mafia and are ignored by former friends, not invented to events anymore and ridiculed.

As SL art is finished completely, everywhere mythical mystical fairytale landscapes with fluffy purple trees with Bryn Oh waters and foggy Alizarin Goldflake sparkles I use all the time now for the love of my life, we are even considering becoming mothers (Rose and I are thinking of adopting a little pirat and call him Tristan) but after that everybody will feel the wrath of OH when I will finish of SIM owners who think they are more important than their artists, the fluffy gardeners of SL who think making art is growing virtual vegetables, hyperformalist Leni Riefenstahl adepts like DanCoyote Antonelli and the Carpies who think art is only art when their erected penisses reach higher than 4000 meters and other traitors, judases and backstabbers. You will only escape my axe when you are able to do a tutu dance in time. Be prepared!

PS: Bribing me also helps as it is not cheap to be one of the 1%, or you want me to become one of the 99%? No, you don’t!!!!

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