Love Doesn’t Need An Application

After permanent obstruction of our sincere love and permanent disturbance of our relationship we decided tonight that the people off LEA can stick their sim in a place that you can already guess. It is not possible for us to fight against bureaucracy, art mafia and ever changing application forms. It’s quite understandable that Jayjay after the good Skippy sex that we had is now a little jealous that I stopped with man at all, but to let us and the hole group bleed for that is not so nice. The lucky bastard can be happy that we are in a period of forgiveness otherwise I would have hit him hard.

Those idiot circumstances made my love and I decided to let the marriage take place at our home, Two Fish, the place where out heart is already for some years and we don’t have to deal with Linden lickers and secret Linden marketing strategies. We will take our heart and our art in our own hands and do exactly that what we want to do ourselves. No rules, no restrictions, no controlling administrators who find themselves more important than the artists.

Poor Tyrehl Byk has now to run the sim all alone, not helped by the thousands of fans who would have visited the Sim when they had known my natural beauty was present there every day or the sweet smell of Rose would cover the sim in a mind-blowing sent.

May you all burn in Rebeca’s hell in nine long steps. For lovers just wait a little for the nine circles of love.

The wedding from Rose and Me will take place in the third week of November in Two Fish and sad cases are not welcome. They can contact their psychiatrists, therapists, horse whisperers and natural healers for some OM and Zen around the solar plexus.

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