Why Am I Not Invited For The Wedding Yet?

Question: I haven’t gotten an invitation yet for SaveMe and Rose’s wedding. Should I call?

Answer: Keep in mind that just because SaveMe or Rose has talked to you about their wedding, that doesn’t mean that they are inviting you. Maybe you are one of these people that SaveMe is allergic to or maybe you didn’t praise Rose her Susas loud enough.

When you are in one of the following categories there is a big chance you will NOT receive an invitation.

  1. You are a passionate skydancer
  2. You think in hyperformalstic patterns
  3. You are French (although for some French laissez passer are available)
  4. You frame your virtual paintings
  5. You are a greater beauty than Rose
  6. You cry about the leaving of Igor Ballyhoo
  7. You Lick Every Asshole (LEA)
  8. You vote every week somewhere for virtual art
  9. You are housekeepers pretending to be pirats
  10. Your notecards are bigger than your art

If you feel that you should have been invited, and are worried about it being lost in the mail, first be patient- it may still be on its way to you. If you still haven’t received one just before the wedding, you can call and say something like “I just wanted to wish the two of you every happiness on your big day this weekend.” If she invited you, this will be her clue to say “you’re not coming?” or “didn’t you get your invitation?” Most of all, try not to get your feelings hurt if indeed, you weren’t invited.

4 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Invited For The Wedding Yet?

  1. It seems my invitation got lost in the mail, but I am getting used to it. It happens every year with my invitation to the Nobel Prize – but this year I am asking for it to be hand-delivered!

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