Hat Hurt Her Heart

She did so much her best. She spent hours on trying and trying again. She studied every manual on Blender she could find. She locked herself up to tutorial herself while insanity was lurking at the door. And then she send it proudly to me; A hat that would do well in a Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens or for a magician to let a very fat rabbit appear.

And then I made a mistake. I told her it was ugly, that I would never wear such a thing that looked like a chimney. That my delicate and beautiful face would never be in the shadow of such a monstrous creation.

Dear Rose, I hurt your tender feelings and your fragile soul and I promise you that in one week I will be able to hocus pocus rabbits out of that hat without feeling ashamed.

10 thoughts on “Hat Hurt Her Heart

    • And when I make a hat myself, just a little bit more beautiful, practic and with a more clever choice of color??? Would that be an idea?

      • You give me an ugly hat an now I have to surprise you??? In my present condition? Where is the warm tea, soup and the kiss on my sweaty forehead? (And with that ugly chimney on my head I was sweating even more)
        I am all alone in the world.

      • You can also jump out of the ‘ugly” hat (sighs deep), I will pour some tea and soup in it, but you have to shower before I kiss you.
        You are never alone and always in my heart. Looking forward to see you jump my sweet rabbit)

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