Peacelovers Who Love To Ban

When I wanted to visit the Imagine peacefest in Four Bridges, they already had banned me out of precaution.

I decided to ask several peace lovers the following question:

You knew our peace lovers ban people?

Any1 Gynoid: No reaction

Medora Chevalier: No reaction

But junivers Stockholm took the time to answer me:

junivers Stockholm: I wish we had peace – sorry to say we don’t. Some people always has to destroy the peace we sometimes create in small places

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you think you have always to keep trying to have peace?

SaveMe Oh: Even when there are different views sometimes?

junivers Stockholm: some people made themselves famous for being peace demolishers – they get recognized for what they are

SaveMe Oh: So better shoot the enemy?

junivers Stockholm: saveme… you´ve been constantly rude. People, like me, that NEVER did any harm to you are harassed in chat, your blog and god knows where. When you can say some nice things instead I’m willing to discuss with you again – this conversation is over

SaveMe Oh: I have never banned people, I let everybody say what he wants to say and give everybody the freedom to be what they want to be. It wonders me that people who are celebrating peace are not able to do the same.

junivers Stockholm: did you hear us downgrading people to shit – or copy of shit? No saveme You’re the one that has a lot to learn about peace. You´re a war maker, not a peacemaker

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you think you have always to try, even when it looks a hopeless case?

junivers Stockholm: well I do – especially if that person can do some self reflection and try to understand why he/she always gets banned

SaveMe Oh: When the self-reflection is not to your satisfaction, shouldn’t you try better?

junivers Stockholm: did I ban you?

SaveMe Oh: No, I asked this question to the people who know me and I see in my radar

junivers Stockholm: you´re blaming me now? Isn’t that a bit too much?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t blame you, I ask your opinion on this subject being part of this peace fest

junivers Stockholm: and you got it – satisfied now?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, at least you answer.

SaveMe Oh: Go in peace!

Trill Zapatero ejected and banned you from this land.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

After, during the second event of the night Kueperpunk Korhonen was performing a pathetic story about porn, erected dicks, third Reich and hacking the Vatican with porn sites, he was sooo happy with himself but the peace lovers didn’t allow any comments while Kueperpunk was reading his story. These were the comments when he was in stream reading:

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: I´ve decided to avoid dying

SaveMe Oh: and dying for peace?

Medora Chevalier: good idea Ap!

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: porn for peace

SaveMe Oh: old men’s confessions

Tonks Akina giggles

SaveMe Oh: looking for salvation before they die

SaveMe Oh: too late

SaveMe Oh: you could have saved the world and bring peace when you were still jerking off

SaveMe Oh: now it’s too late

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: grin

SaveMe Oh: Ah, he is so proud of how dirty he was

SaveMe Oh: and now he has to wave a little with the peace flag

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: young men don´t know how dirty you can get

SaveMe Oh: male pigs

Tonks Akina: hehe – religious switch 😉

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: OMG

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: those religious idiots!

Tonks Akina grins to Apmel 🙂

SaveMe Oh: When one day we have peace, we have to listen to this pathetic self pity?

Tonks Akina shakes her head at the ridiculous idea 🙂

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: penetration isn´t all bad

Tonks Akina: haha

SaveMe Oh: his brain needs a good penetration

SaveMe Oh: for example with a baseball bat

Cotton Thorne: penis?

Cotton Thorne: did I hear that

Apmelsprivatabankman Resident: never speak to an erect penis!

cat Boucher: he is from Germany ,-)

Tonks Akina laughs

SaveMe Oh: so don’t speak to Kueperpunk

Cotton Thorne: seems dysfunctional to talk about software at this point

Tonks Akina: haha

SaveMe Oh: he is the biggest erected dick since long

cat Boucher: who SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: The performing Dick

cat Boucher: you mean Kueperpunk ?

SaveMe Oh: yes

cat Boucher: ok bye and ty for your visit ..and fly with us again

SaveMe Oh: what?

cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

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