Is One Of These Rulers Your Friend?

Josina Burgess           Tries first to be you mother and after bans you when you don’t listen

Velazquez Bonetto     Gives you always a smile but never acts

Silvio Berlusconi         Master of divide and conquer

TheDove Rhode         This is certainly not a peace dove

Bryn Oh                      A sister who don’t want me at her home

ColeMarie Soleil         Beggar for bans

Constuctivist Solo      Quotes Ghandi but pulls the trigger

Pixels Sideways         Sweetheart completely under the control of Big Georg

Trill Zapatero              Pretends first to be a friend and after kills in silence

Robert Mugabe          Doesn’t like any opposition

Merlina Rokocoko      As framing her virtual pictures takes all her time, banning gives her peace

Flora Nordenskiold     Finds herself far more important than any artist

Newbab Zsigmond     Doesn’t want his art market polluted by feedback

Medora Chevalier      Wrote the peace manifesto according to her own 100 rules

Muamar Khaddafi      Finds still enough followers in his secondlife

Alizarin Goldflake       Drowns in her own tears of self-pity

Igor Ballyhoo              Ask people to ban you or he will leave

Georg Janick             Only unbans you temporarily when a Nightfire dies

Eifachfilm Vacira       Why you want to be in this list?

Barack Obama          Still didn’t close Guantanamo Bay

What are you doing for the freedom of speech and the freedom of press or the freedom to be who you are?

First result: Pixels Sideways unbanned me at Caerleon Peace Fest (Now let’s hope Georg doesn’t read this).

BUT: only unbanned on this tiny little piece of Caerleon. As a prisoner who is allowed the go outside for an hour a day.

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