Stay With Your Filthy Hands Off Of My Swedish Friends

Without me knowing there has been going on a war in the Swedish community in secondlife. After my efforts this week for peace and the international peace fest I decided to clear up this mess where Tina, Petgirl Bergman, is the victim. She was forced to close her blog.

Leading witch in this Swedish drama is Gittrika Mint

SaveMe Oh: Keep your hands off of poor Tina. This is a warning from your president.

Gittrika Mint: She rather has to keep her hands off me

SaveMe Oh: What you did to her, witch?

Gittrika Mint: pardon

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you read?

Gittrika Mint: yes but you can’t be polite

SaveMe Oh: politeness brings us nowhere

SaveMe Oh: so what you did to her, witch?

Gittrika Mint: I don’t even know you..I have no obligation to tell you fuckin anything

Gittrika Mint: who are you?

SaveMe Oh: stay polite please, with your FUCKING

Gittrika Mint: and the witch thingy then?

SaveMe Oh: What you did to Tina, you witch?

Gittrika Mint: stop bitching here or ill report you

SaveMe Oh: Give me an answer

SaveMe Oh: or I will report you using the word fucking

Gittrika Mint: oooh bring it on:)

SaveMe Oh: let’s see what’s worse, witch or fucking

SaveMe Oh: now answer me

SaveMe Oh: why are you destroying Tina?

Gittrika Mint: let’s start a word competition

SaveMe Oh: I get advises not to spend too much time on you because you are too stupid, but I give it a try

Gittrika Mint: SaveYourEfforts Oh

Gittrika Mint: I report this, FYI

SaveMe Oh: You report whatever you want

SaveMe Oh: that proofs already that you are a collaborator

SaveMe Oh: at least that we know now

Gittrika Mint: I don’t even care what you are saying

Gittrika Mint: I don’t even know you

Gittrika Mint: and you don’t know me

Apmel Goosson: gitt is wrong just ask Kandi:)

Kandinsky Beaumont: Gittrika, hahaha…but don´t waste to much of your powers on this person…she is too stupid

Gittrika Mint: you asking wrong persons

Gittrika Mint: you have to ask the rest of the Swedes

SaveMe Oh: these are the Swedes that matter, pay them your respect!

Gittrika Mint: I don’t care if you ask 3 persons

SaveMe Oh: They are very old friends of mine so stay away from them.

Gittrika Mint: they don’t pay me any respect so why?

Gittrika Mint: stick to them

Gittrika Mint: stay away from me and you will get rid of your headache

Gittrika Mint: but don’t forget to ask more Swedes

SaveMe Oh: Bock?

SaveMe Oh: Millamilla?

Gittrika Mint: ooh I forgot you just know 4 Swedes, sorry

SaveMe Oh: You stay away from Tina or I will pass by soon!

Gittrika Mint: ooh threat

Gittrika Mint: I take notes

SaveMe Oh: Yes, take notes as much as you can. Always helpful when you run out of toilet paper.

Gittrika Mint: you should know maybe

Gittrika Mint: are you surrounded by assholes?

SaveMe Oh: Are you calling Kandinsky, Apmel and Petgirl assholes?

Gittrika Mint: I haven’t mentioned anyone, I just ask in common

Gittrika Mint: it’s strange how you are acting now..who are you, an artist or terrorist?

SaveMe Oh: I am surrounded by the crème de la crème from secondlife, and I protect them

Gittrika Mint: keep it that way then and stop bothering

SaveMe Oh: You just stop bothering Tina

Gittrika Mint: she has to stop bothering me

Gittrika Mint: I don’t want her at all in my SL

18 thoughts on “Stay With Your Filthy Hands Off Of My Swedish Friends

    • On her own blog she removes my comments, a real friend of the free word, this Gittrika:
      Gittrika Mint sa…
      Yes I have removed both of SaveMe Oh’s comments, they had nothing valuable to add to this blogpost.

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