SaveMe Is So Generous And Empathic

When will be the wedding????


SaveMe Oh: Rose has to start landscaping first and you know how slow she is

Kandinsky Beaumont: mmm maybe it will be a New Years wedding?

SaveMe Oh: She considers us already as married and is so afraid for a divorce….

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

SaveMe Oh: the poor thing wants to enjoy as long as possible

Kandinsky Beaumont: Where should you go?

SaveMe Oh: no where

Kandinsky Beaumont: mmm

SaveMe Oh: but you know love

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes always worrying

Kandinsky Beaumont: it wears you out

SaveMe Oh: we have to give her time to enjoy it to the maximum

Kandinsky Beaumont: Prisoner in the cage of love she decorates her cell

SaveMe Oh: she is so happy decorating, we have to let her.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Who are you to ever deny her anything….

SaveMe Oh: I will let her enjoy every minute

Kandinsky Beaumont: you are so generous and empathic

SaveMe Oh: When only the Swedish people would know that

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