Never Ban People Is Also An Option

Flora Nordenskiold is inviting everybody to see the exhibition from Simotron Aquila, Typote Beck, Artistide Despres and oona Eiren. But why she invites me when she has me banned already some months?

SaveMe Oh: When you unban me I come

SaveMe Oh: I love Typote

Flora Nordenskiold: yes, he is really great

SaveMe Oh: So if you want me to see his work you have to unban me

Flora Nordenskiold: are you a little bored, SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: not at all

SaveMe Oh: you?

Flora Nordenskiold: nope

SaveMe Oh: I only would like to see Typotes expo

SaveMe Oh: as I like his work

Flora Nordenskiold: you can see it at UWA, it’s there

SaveMe Oh: And why not at your place?

SaveMe Oh: What was it again that you had to ban me?

Flora Nordenskiold: you know, I really think that you are bored and you just want to engage me in conversation with you so you can get some material that you can misquote for your blog, I might be totally wrong of course

SaveMe Oh: Instead of inventing all kind of mistrust you also could simply unban me and show that you are not a dictator

Flora Nordenskiold: we both know that I’m not a dictator, let’s stop playing games 🙂

SaveMe Oh: then embrace freedom and unban me and never touch a ban button again.

SaveMe Oh: banning people is not a game, it’s a crime

Flora Nordenskiold: we would have to make some sort of compromise and I don’t think you are the compromising type, let me think about it

SaveMe Oh: Send out a mute instruction in your groups

SaveMe Oh: simple

SaveMe Oh: let everybody free to decide what to do

5 thoughts on “Never Ban People Is Also An Option

  1. Cleaning up is the most important thing in my life. I brush everything for you darling and make your surroundings crystal clear.

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