When I Was Visiting The Remake Of A Remake Of A Remake

That I was banned in the CARP regions is not something new after the woman who tried first to be my mother, Josina Burgess, became the serpent who hates me most (although she still loves to fly around as an innocent butterfly). But now the sims from the CARPIES are not big enough and they have to occupy the LEA sims for making their remakes of remakes of remakes of Metropolis. And what they do first in this “public” place. They beg the Lindenlickers in charge to ban me also there.

Because of the ban I couldn’t chat but my future wife stand up for me although she also wants to put me on a leash.


Velazquez Bonetto: Hi Rose

Rose Borchovski: Hello Vela)

Rose Borchovski heeft uw inventarisaanbod geaccepteerd.

Rose Borchovski: did you ban save?

Josina Burgess: Bryn Oh did on my asking

Rose Borchovski: why?

Josina Burgess: we are filming and she was constant in the way

Josina Burgess: spoiling as usual

Rose Borchovski: did you ask her if she would leave?

Ya Adder: tut tut

Josina Burgess: she is muted and never welcome

Josina Burgess: she knows that

Rose Borchovski: this is a lea sim

Josina Burgess: I don’t waste time on trolls

Josina Burgess: this place is given to us to work on

Josina Burgess: not to get interrupted by fools

Rose Borchovski: let me ask Bryn, this is insane

Josina Burgess: \o/

Rose Borchovski: you can ask someone to leave

Rose Borchovski: not just ban

Josina Burgess: Bryn banned her because I asked her so

Josina Burgess: I don’t speak with psychopaths

Josina Burgess: would be nice you would leave also

Josina Burgess: and leave us to our work

Velazquez Bonetto: hi Bryn

Rose Borchovski: this is a lea sim

Bryn Oh: hello

Rose Borchovski: you cannot play god everywhere

Bryn Oh: can we let them film

Rose Borchovski: when you want save to leave you just ask

Josina Burgess: this part is for us to work on and not to waste time on useless conversations or fights

Josina Burgess: that’s all you are looking for all the time

Rose Borchovski: you did not even ask her

Rose Borchovski: banning is insane

Josina Burgess: so plz let us do our work as we let you do yours

Josina Burgess: I ask you to leave now

Josina Burgess: bye rose

Rose Borchovski: then unban save

Josina Burgess: bye rose

Rose Borchovski: and ask her aswell

Josina Burgess: troll OH and rose

Josina Burgess: plz leave

Rose Borchovski: being friendly is a small thing josina

Josina Burgess: no way anymore

Josina Burgess: was friendly for years

Josina Burgess: look whats the thank you

Rose Borchovski: okay save time to leave, miss josina is demanding

Josina Burgess: now both plz leave

Josina Burgess: and let us do our work

Rose Borchovski: you are not a friendly person

Rose Borchovski: arrogant

Rose Borchovski: from the moment I have met you

Josina Burgess: wasting anough time on this pathetic as usual looking for trouble

Rose Borchovski: bye

Josina Burgess: bye rose

Josina Burgess: pfft

Josina Burgess: sorry brynn

Josina Burgess: thank you so much for coming

Josina Burgess: and helping us out


SaveMe Oh: first ban me and then ask me to take a seat?

SaveMe Oh: I would do it the other way around

Velazquez Bonetto: you can be happy you have the next banning story for your blog

Velazquez Bonetto: 🙂


SaveMe Oh: Can you unban me?

Bryn Oh: yes i can

Bryn Oh: can you let them film?

Bryn Oh: so i dont have to babysit?

SaveMe Oh: ofcourse

Bryn Oh: great

Bryn Oh: saveme please just let them film so i dont have to babysit

SaveMe Oh: they are finished

SaveMe Oh: and

SaveMe Oh: I didnt interupt anything

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

Bryn Oh: you are in the film

SaveMe Oh: then they could ask me to move a little

Bryn Oh: lets not play games

SaveMe Oh: ok no games

Bryn Oh: you have no interest to be there except to bother them

SaveMe Oh: you should really be ashamed of your behavior

SaveMe Oh: that is no game

SaveMe Oh: but really my opinion

5 thoughts on “When I Was Visiting The Remake Of A Remake Of A Remake

  1. The most insane thing about the whole situation was that they were actually finished with what they were doing. Josina just abused Bryn
    helpfulness with false arguments, to show her childish power.
    I know Save is no saint and I also know Josina is a very arrogant woman.
    But what comes over us in SL that we feel we can just shut out and bann pple when we they dare to criticize or dare to be different.

    Josina feels herself so much above the “the troll” and feels herself so important that just asking Save to leave is not part of her protocol anymore.
    What gives me hope, is that Josina has not been successful with her petition to get Save out of sl completely.

    But then… what are the carpies doing on a LEA sim?
    I don’t seem to remember that the carpies are also granted a Lea sim. Did they also apply for it? Have they been ‘awarded’
    I guess I just kiss not the right buttocks!

    PS: I know Save does not need me to stand up for her, she loves the drama, like Vela said, food for her blog. My trigger is that I find it alarming. We are in this together.

    Sense of belonging!

    • Josina and the like will never change – that is a useless quest. We just have to make sure that the true overlords i.e. Lindens (corp) do not fall to the influence of power hungry, self-important, idiots. Then all drama is good theater.

  2. Art is nothing without people disturbing and questioning the generally accepted patterns.
    Nothing without the incorrect interveners.

    Art dies if the freedom of speach and freedom of expressing oneself is choked.

    You may like or hate the opinions but you have to fight for the right to express them.

    That is an old truth since long before the internet but it goes strongly for the internet and for SL too.

    Let´s talk, not do “pffft” to each other.

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