Art Class For Virtual Blondes

Flora Nordenskiold (who owns perhaps the most ugly gallery of secondlife) plays already some time the art critic on her blog and I had again the pleasure that she found the time in her busy busy schedule to visit my platform while I was not at home. And then she found my Queenkamer which blew this virtual blond completely away and leveled her to higher grounds of the metaphysical art experience. This is what she wrote:

Lastly, I ended up on a platform below, standing in front of Queenkamer. Walking into it, I found myself in a room, perhaps a living room. There were several pieces of furniture placed throughout and two pictures on the wall, a staircase led to an imaginary second floor. There were two smaller rooms to the side, one had doors that could not be opened. There was a sense of having been set back in time here, maybe to the 1970s. I pondered about the meaning of this work. Was this SaveMe’s expression of a distant memory? Maybe it was her childhood living room? Was it still unfinished? Regardless, I felt that this room was important and full of meaning.


Dear Flora; when you ended up on my platform and standing in front of Queenkamer you didn’t found a room nor a living room as a room has mostly four walls and a ceiling, this one has three and no ceiling and an imaginary second floor where the staircase is leading you to is not at all planned. The two smaller rooms also only exist is your imagination as the first one is not a room but just a jpg glued on a wall and the second is a box that is used to enter or leave the scene. This place has not anything to do with expressions of a distant memory in the 1970s as I was born in 1983 nor has it anything to do with my childhood living room. My father Cupido Oh never locked me up in the two rooms as they are no rooms nor did he ever lived here with me. He also never tied me up naked on the table to rape and abuse me during my childhood nor did he invite the Swedish Ice Hockey team to beat me up with their hockey sticks before gangbanging me. The scene is also not created to leave it unfinished or to prepare it for séances with nightly conferences with Nordic trolls. So maybe you felt this room was important and full of meaning, I would say the upper room in your skull is useless and full of shit.

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