Sim Owners Occupy LEA

Some people might have thought the LEA sims were for independent artists but we already see that the Licking Every Asshole (LEA) practice is getting widespread. Owners of huge sims like the CARP members are now occupying LEA to make remakes of old junk they did years before. Cleaning out their inventories. Other starting artists have to do land rushes to get a little piece of ground but these friends of friends of friends re-invent corruption every day to keep the divide and conquer rules alive in secondlife.

Velazquez Bonetto: ah SaveMe hallo

Velazquez Bonetto: thank you we don’t need your help

Junivers Stockholm: well now we have video proof for who’s the worst griefer in SL

SaveMe Oh: contributor I would prefer

SaveMe Oh: aren’t you glad?

Junivers Stockholm: it’s the most hateful person I met

SaveMe Oh: or is you firebreathing art and mine griefing???

SaveMe Oh: strange

Velazquez Bonetto: ah thank you SaveMe you are here in the right place

Velazquez Bonetto: in the last scene can you dance if you have inspiration

SaveMe Oh: I am a walking inspiration, as you know

SaveMe Oh: I always bring out the best in people

SaveMe Oh: they don’t realize it always in the first moment

SaveMe Oh: but after they will

Velazquez Bonetto: aha interesting theory

SaveMe Oh: One day you will realize it too

SaveMe Oh: but you have still all your SL to discover

SaveMe Oh: It’s so nice LEA brings us all together again

junivers Stockholm: I just sent an abuse report for SaveMe

junivers Stockholm: she´s the worst griefer SL saw

Josina Burgess: mute it

junivers Stockholm: I’ve been tolerating her too long now. My patience is over – kaputt

Josina Burgess: we will talk in conference

SaveMe Oh: is this not a public art space?

junivers Stockholm: she can be allowed to GRIEF herself in

SaveMe Oh: am I by accident on forbidden grounds?

SaveMe Oh: I was just flying by and was wondering what nice things where in front of my eyes

SaveMe Oh: as I also sometimes drop a thing or two in LEA

junivers Stockholm: I muted her and I will NOT unmute her. She can do what she wants on her blog. More and more people are discovering how hateful she is

SaveMe Oh: I don’t see the hate part???

SaveMe Oh: I thought interaction between artists was a high goal?

junivers Stockholm: And to all saveme´s blog reader – Watch out she gonna use you. That’s what she does

SaveMe Oh: not?

SaveMe Oh: I never used you, Junivers

Josina Burgess: ah derender is super

SaveMe Oh: I only said once your guitar solos were far too long

SaveMe Oh: but that’s just an opinion nobody has to agree with

junivers Stockholm: In all groups she was welcome she´s now banned. ! person gets banned almost everywhere – is that a coincidence????

SaveMe Oh: I am only banned in the groups were owners find themselves more important than the artists

SaveMe Oh: or the groups who are ruled by amateurs

junivers Stockholm: we now have video proof how she destroys our video shooting. We are grownups with valuable time. We don’t have time to waste it on griefers

Josina Burgess: \o/

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t saw a sign saying “silence, movie shooting ahead”!

SaveMe Oh: And as I made more or less 100 movies I know something about moviemaking

SaveMe Oh: I even did a remake of remakes of remakes of remakes that you guys did

Velazquez Bonetto: good strategy SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I could not know a firebreathing Juni was a moviestar in action

SaveMe Oh: I just anticipated on his performance

SaveMe Oh: what was very nice of me

SaveMe Oh: as it made his performance a lot more exiting

SaveMe Oh: he in that tefal suit, me almost naked

SaveMe Oh: the beauty and the beast

SaveMe Oh: a classic

SaveMe Oh: hope you had some good shots

Velazquez Bonetto: yes we have good shots made before you come

SaveMe Oh: whatever you want, you are playing the director


SaveMe Oh: ok guys, break is finished, lets shoot some scenes

SaveMe Oh: Josina, do your butterfly

junivers Stockholm: I can’t understand why she is here when she hates us so much – seems real stupid to me.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t hate you, only your pathetic work

Medora Chevalier: (quotes Rose) Rose Borchovski: “when you want Save to leave you just ask”

Medora Chevalier: SaveMe please leave

Josina Burgess: plz yes

SaveMe Oh: sorry guys, I have you muted I think

SaveMe Oh: what did you asked?

Quan Lavender: they muted you all

SaveMe Oh: I know

SaveMe Oh: pass me some nice conversations when you hear one

Quan Lavender: all non-members of carp are not allowed to film here

Josina exhausted after heavy skydancing

4 thoughts on “Sim Owners Occupy LEA

  1. Why does Linden make artists rush for land?
    Why does Linden make artists rush for land?
    Why does Linden make artists rush for land?

    Why are our applications for a lea sim, judge by primarily non artists or non curators and pple who deal with Art as an online hobby.

    Why are the RL artists and the work they produce still not taken seriously and given a serious platform and publicity, instead we are members of a moderated lea group in which we can not even sent a notice.

    What are the carpies doing on a LEA sim?
    Are the “awarded” ( terrible term, the award sickness in sl), by whom are they awarded and why are they awarded? How can art be awarded?

    Why are these lea sims connected next to each other?
    I think that is probably the biggest example of having no vision.
    Art as a blob glued together, with the rotating glowing mega prims of your neighbours in the corner of your eyes.

    No sense of esthetics!

    After reading Junivers chat,why does he think he is a grown up!

  2. As reader of this blog, I know now that I am used by some evel dutch dark soul. Thanks for this revelation. I will live much better from now on.

  3. Why does the fact that the CARP group owns a sim disqualify them to work on a LEA sim? Don’t you own a sim too?

    Why dies the fact that some are just artists in SL disqualify them to curate? Are they 2nd class artists?

    An regarding the dialog: I felt hate on both sides. What a waste of time and energy!

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