Protected By The Self Acclaimed Law Enforcers

Recently I placed my work PRIMWASTE in the LEA self-curated sim and last night attention beggar Znort Gant or one of his many alts build as a reaction on my work a church of offensive notecards in which I was called “SaveMe Ho” around my work.

I saw it, smiled about it and was satisfied with this reflection on my work as interaction is almost never seen in SL, although it was extremely poor done and full of mistakes, the poor guy certainly needs some years in a good school. As defender of freedom of speech the idiot Znort Gant has every right to put whatever he wants in the LEA sim.

But then the self acclaimed law enforcers of LEA took action:

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 07:49:29 2011) Hi. I wanted to let you know about a piece placed on the LEA self-curated gallery, around your ‘primwaste’ piece. I find myself in the position of needing to ask you whether I should return it, because it attacks you by name. I can return it if you like, or leave it. If I leave it, it will be here for another week and a half.

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 07:51:36 2011) if I’m not around when you get this, you can tell PatriciaAnne Daviau or Sasun Steinbeck that I offered to return it, and they can remove it.

[7:08]  Solo Mornington: (Saved Wed Dec 07 08:12:27 2011) well I talked it over with some other land officers and we decided to return it since it was a personal attack.


Dear Solo Mornington,

I would ask you to set up the work again as I don’t want you to be a self acclaimed judge, self acclaimed law enforcer or self acclaimed simowner. I don’t allow you to think or deal on my behalf as in my opinion you have no right to decide anything. I didn’t elect you, I don’t know who you are and I have no idea why I or anybody else should listen to your judgments on shallow grounds. Never have your qualifications reached me with the question towards me if I could check it to see of your qualifications where good enough for any job. And they also don’t have to reach me as I don’t offer jobs or give out security guard approvals.

Every artist has full rights of freedom of speech and to qualify the (tasteless) work of Znort Gant as a personal attack on me is complete bullshit as SaveMe Oh is not a person but an avatar with more or less the same rights as Donald Duck.

And as my darling Rose recently told me you have not even a general opinion on art or how to create good conditions for artists to flourish without having trouble with the Linden, who are only in there to get rich, I would advise you to step down and don’t bother us.

Let the Linden do their own dirty job and don’t volunteer to be their doggie.

PS: In my work PRIMWASTE, that is still there I read on some prims “I HATE SAVE ME OH”. Is that considered as a personal attack on myself? And scheduled for removal also?

2 thoughts on “Protected By The Self Acclaimed Law Enforcers

  1. [9:12] Solo Mornington: the problem with the piece I returned is that it was a personal attack. I IMmed you about it because I thought you might want to know, and might be online to respond and say to leave it.
    [9:14] SaveMe Oh: I only saw it now, but as you can see I don’t agree with the removal
    [9:16] SaveMe Oh: SaveMe Oh can’t be attacked personal as I am not a person

  2. I can send a friend who works at the Red Cross to come, too, if necessary.

    For UNO, a delay is asked.

    Can everyone interact?

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