Claiming The Dead

When a memorial party was held for Sabrinaa Nightfire, who died this year, I tried to go there but as always Kelly Yap had me banned, apparently deciding who can be the friend of someone we lost.

Sabrinaa Memorial Garden is features a beautiful mesh installation by Harter Fall and Kueperpunk Korhonen!


I IM-ed several guests but most of them choose not to respond.

I asked Harter Fall

[15:03]  SaveMe Oh: Tell Kelly to let me in

No answer


I asked Kueperpunk Korhonen

[15:03]  SaveMe Oh: Tell Kelly to let me in

No answer


I asked Kelly Yap

[15:02]  SaveMe Oh: Let me in

She had to think 13 minutes

[15:15]  SaveMe Oh: you already saw my movie made in the work of Sabrinaa?

[15:15]  Kelly Yap: yes I did

[15:15]  Kelly Yap: I can let you onto the sabrinaa parcel but only that one

[15:16]  SaveMe Oh: so now let me in as you have no right to claim the dead

[15:16]  Kelly Yap: hmmm guess I changed my mind with that comment

[15:16]  SaveMe Oh: she was my friend, so let me in

[15:17]  SaveMe Oh: or you even play boss over the back of people who are not with us anymore?

[15:18]  Kelly Yap: my land, my memorial for my friend on that note this conversation ends

[15:19]  SaveMe Oh: When it was a Kelly Yap memorial you had every right to ban me, but when it’s a Sabrinaa Nightfire memorial you have not any moral right to ban me

[15:19]  SaveMe Oh: actually you have never the right, but that’s another discussion

So no other option than to add one more time the movie I made inside Sabrinaa’s work.

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