Why Dictators Smile And Wash Their Hands A Lot

Today was the grand finale of UWA and yesterday I inspected the grounds when they still were empty for the event of today. But when I want to enter the site today I found myself again banned in the whole region. Some triggerfinger avi did her or his securitate protocol.

I asked the ever smiling and washing his hands in front of the crowds Jayjay (Pilate) Zifanwe for an explanation. He started with playing deaf until the event was finished.

SaveMe Oh: Why am I banned today?

After half an hour….

SaveMe Oh: Now you don’t answer me?

After an hour….

SaveMe Oh: Normally you are quicker

After one and a half hour….

Jayjay Zifanwe: oh shit

Jayjay Zifanwe: sorry

Jayjay Zifanwe: what happened?

Jayjay Zifanwe: I haven’t been looking at IM

Jayjay Zifanwe: I’ll check

Jayjay Zifanwe: dammit

Jayjay Zifanwe: sorry

Jayjay Zifanwe: some idiot banned you

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have cleared that

Jayjay Zifanwe: they told me it was to protect me

Jayjay Zifanwe: but I didn’t need that

Jayjay Zifanwe: sorry I couldn’t respond earlier… everything was crashing and I couldn’t click things

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure

SaveMe Oh: so?

He unbanned me but Freewee Ling banned me in a second as she did too to 3 of my SaveMe alt’s.

Jayjay Zifanwe: hey where did you go?

Jayjay Zifanwe: I thought you will perform?

SaveMe Oh: ask your hitgirl

SaveMe Oh: coward

Jayjay Zifanwe: well yeah they are scared of you and don’t want me to tell you who

Jayjay Zifanwe: I’m grateful to them for their help in many things so I can’t reveal it

SaveMe Oh: They??? Freewee Triggerfinger you mean?

Jayjay Zifanwe: anyway I’ve removed any bans on you and told them not to do it again

SaveMe Oh: after killing people you rehabilitate them, very brave

Jayjay Zifanwe: yeah sorry hard to control them

Jayjay Zifanwe: they think they are protecting me. Can you blame them?

Jayjay Zifanwe: surely not right?

SaveMe Oh: some friends of dictators also asked themselves that question after

Jayjay Zifanwe: anyway I am glad you managed to come.

Jayjay Zifanwe: thanks

SaveMe Oh: Because manipulators like you who want to stick to the power they have SL will disappear

SaveMe Oh: And they always keep on smiling

Jayjay Zifanwe: I tried hard to make sure you could be there

Jayjay Zifanwe: sorry

Jayjay Zifanwe: too many things happening for me to keep control of everything

SaveMe Oh: Sorry afterwards is not accepted this time

Jayjay Zifanwe: that’s the best I can do I’m afraid

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