Don’t Be Cruel Or I Will Return You To Sender

Disappointed that my wedding by some miraculous reasons still didn’t took place your president has decided to visit THE KING to do some crying in the chapel. As you are all devils in disguise I don’t want a repetition of events like last summer.

So like THE KING always used to say:


Don’t prepare me a ballet in tutu or without tutu, with or without dogs, to arrange me a surprise party when I come back.

Don’t abuse my absence by trying to convince Rose how bad I am and how better off she would be without me. And don’t dare to try to marry her as she is given away already.

Don’t make any plans without me as you are not able to make plans without me.

Don’t make fun about my dear sister Bryn who is without a sim now as I am the only one, as we are sisters, who is allowed to make fun about her.

Don’t wave at me when you think you see me in Memphis, New Orleans or Miami as I am in holidays from secondlife.

Don’t unban me in your art sim because you think I am away for some weeks because maybe I am lying all this.

Don’t start to work together with Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado if they eventually return to secondlife during my absence as I am the only one that will work together with them eventually.

Don’t use your SaveMe clone for bad things but love me tender.

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