We Wish To Thank…And Go On

After a year of incredible work for the LEA organization the Linden and I would like to offer our sincere thanks and deeply gratitude to the people who made LEA to a huge success before we will turn into the elections of a new staff for this year.

The elections for the new board of CEO’s for LEA will take place on 23 February, which happens to be coincidental also the fifth rezday of your president SaveMe Oh.

All new nominees are requested to send their appliances for a chair in the new board of LEA to your president SaveMe Oh so she can organize a fair election. But before we will enter in this new exiting phase we would like to honor the members of the LEA committee who did such a great job in 2011.

Bryn Oh, although you are the poorest rat of the OH family and you are known as the producer of art on which you fall asleep the quickest, we forgive you your crossover of Harry Potter and The Hobbit as your dedicated your time to set up nice LEA events. To thank you for your efforts I will see if the OH family can arrange you a new SIM if you promise to quit the use of steampunk gearwheels and Muppet sheep.

DanCoyote Antonelli, thank you for using LEA completely for your own purposes as always and you never failing attempts to consume space and prims for your megalomania hyperformalistic bullshit that is never fun to get lost in

Dekka Raymaker, thank you for being the best knitting expert of all SL

JayJay Zifanwe, thank you for being the master in bigger than big with a content of zero and your ability to be everybody’s friend without burning your fingers ever

L1Aura Loire, thank you for having the most gorgeous ass of all SL so at least we have something to look at during another boring event

Sasun Steinbeck, who the hell is Sasun Steinbeck?? We thank Him? Her? It? for nothing special but the name on the committee list is an achievement in itself

Solo Mornington, clone of Jayjay Zifanwe who tries to rule with gloves on, so you won’t see the scars after you have been hit by him

Werner Kurosawa, master of Mikado art and maker of the most useless spaces in SL, who in heavens name needs your roofs???

Now you want to be in this year’s LEA committee??? Then send your application form to SaveMe Oh which must include the following:

How much people can you eject during an running event that you are also hosting?

Can you do the Solo Jayjay trick? (Nice on the surface, cold as ice behind the mask)

Tell us how you would lick a Linden ass the most rewarding?

Tell us how you would turn artists into artwhores the most successfully against no costs and without giving them any credits?

How much wannabe artsims can you force into the LEA kingdom?

3 thoughts on “We Wish To Thank…And Go On

  1. Brilliant Ms SaveMe. I don’t deserve the title of ‘best knitter’, I have been quite absent for the latter 4 months of 2011, mainly due to real life stuff and trying to unstitch crap in my head. I will just add that I introduced Solo to the LEA committee and together with sterling help from Sasun and a couple of advisers has done a lot to keep the LEA on its wobbly tracks.

    The LEA and ‘ART by committee’ was never going to be easy and the members have done rather well hanging in there, ironing out surprises and problems as they raised their ugly heads. I do hope it continues to progress and improve as time goes on.

    In the meantime for me… ‘Cast on, make a slip loop over left needle, pass right needle through loop from left to right, yarn under and over right needle, draw yarn through loop and transfer loop to left needle by inserting left needle in loop from right to left. Repeat until desired number of stitches are on the left hand needle…’

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