As If Nothing Ever Changes

And then Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado were back and Merlina Rokocoko was welcoming flocks of nobody avatars for another vernisage of perfectly well framed photo shopped pictures that nobody took the time to have a look on because they were all too busy cou couing each other and then we lay all locked on seats once invented by the CARP founders Josina Burgess and Velasquez Bonetto to see another episode of their kind of screensaver art we already saw so much before but all the time just a little bit better done this time by Tyrehl Byk in Madpea and then the awful witch SaveMe Oh found it again necessary to say some awful words about it as if she produces herself higher quality works when Ultaviolet Alter was playing again her esoteric sound carpets that make Ampel Goosson have his usual so called wet dreams that end up in powder puffs as he has a certain age and again SaveMe Oh couldn’t wait to blog about all the sadness as if nothing ever changes and the Linden are the only ones watch all the days pass by while they feel the size of their wallets grow satisfactory .

3 thoughts on “As If Nothing Ever Changes

  1. My cousin Apmel Meerson was there but crashed just before he was going to shout “Don´t stop I´m coming!” and therefore missed SaveMe’s interuption in Ultra´s engaging sound carpet. Did it enhance it?

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