Dead And Buried

I, the reigning artist of Secondlife, who had the pleasure to be official banned at Nordan Art, the PiRats sims and Immersiva, confirm hereby, that those sims were the best organized and best structured art networks in Second Life that knew how to ban free people effectively. That they all have gone now within months may not be brought in connection with my assumed witch power. It’s pure coincidence (crossing my fingers behind my back haha). With the disappearance of these sims we will not miss anything in future of SL as art belongs to those who live it and not to those who possess (A quote from Newbab).

In the coming months we will see the new dawn for the free artists who don’t need to own anything anymore to be creative.

You are all completely free to join me.

If you want to support my work please pay me 100 linden a month, what I more or less need to upload some textures.

If you want to fuck with me I have to ask 1000 linden as I have to pay a cleaning lady (Flora, Merlina, Bryn) to clean up after.

A free gift to Bannisty International is also very welcome as I expect an increase of refugees in the coming months.

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