We Also Have Bills To Pay

As nobody is organizing crowd funding events for us and we can’t live on water and fish alone I told my sweetheart she better participate in some money generating events as the UWA challenge from this month. At the end of the month also our bills have to be paid and my dear Rose has a spending disorder and an expensive girlfriend (me).  On the other hand I am an expert in manipulating those silly art contests so it was an easy task to level up our household budget. I activated my army of alts and send them on a mission to vote. To make everything not to obvious I let them also vote for Cherry Manga so poor Pirats will also have some blood money. Merlina and Newbab will be happy they have again some francs to buy new clothes for little Tristan.

Luckily the work of my dear Rose was not that bad as I borrowed her one of my alts (a close friend of Josina) to use as a model so we knew our winning chances were almost 100%.

Of course I didn’t show up at the award ceremony. Is that Jayjay stupid or what????

 Jayjay Zifanwe: hey why didn’t you come for the awards?

Jayjay Zifanwe: to support rose

Jayjay Zifanwe: rose won lots!

Jayjay Zifanwe: lucky apmel was here to represent you

SaveMe Oh: I hoped she won a lot as it was a lot of work to go there with all my alts to vote! The show I prefer to miss as your award shows are well known in all SL as the most boring.

 Rose won 2 prizes and Cherry won 2, hahahahhahahahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhahahaha, we are rich again!

4 thoughts on “We Also Have Bills To Pay

  1. I wonder why Jayjay thinks I was there as a representative for anybody but myself… but of course Roses work was one of the ones I had voted for.

  2. If I win anything, it won’t go to Pirats as I have my own fees to pay.
    Usung a child, Tristan, to express all your hatefull thoughts toward Pirats is maybe the worse thing you can do.
    Have fun being sick, have fun spitting on others, you rock, clever job!

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